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Web Designer News Scraper

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Scraper for, using Apify.

Input settings

Only startUrl required, for example this could be the main page:, some of the pagination pages: or some specific section: or

wayToScrape can be old or new, by default old. If, for example, the starting link is on the third page ( for example), then scraper will scrape third page, fourth page, fifth and so on, until pagination or maxRequestsPerCrawl limit ends. But if the wayToScrape is new - third, second and first pages will be scraped. So you decide which way actor will work.

Local use

It is not necessary to use the service to use actor. Copy this repository and install node dependencies, for example, this way:

git clone
cd actor-webdesignernews-scraper
npm install

Create in the root of project: apify_storage/key_value_stores/default/INPUT.json

In INPUT.json, write your settings, for example:

  "startUrl": "",
  "wayToScrape": "old",
  "maxRequestsPerCrawl": 3,
  "maxRequestRetries": 3,
  "maxConcurrency": 3,
  "liveView": true,
  "proxyConfiguration": {
    "useApifyProxy": false

Start scrapping with command:

npm run local-start

Or, if you need a clean start:

npm run local-start-fresh

This will remove the results of all previous launches!

The result of the launch will be in apify_storage/datasets/default

It will be something like this:

  "title": "AMP Pages Fundamentally Changing How the Web Works",
  "vote": 47,
  "thumb": "",
  "link": "",
  "source": "",
  "date": "2 days ago",
  "requestUrl": ""


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