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Extract detailed info from miodottore.it: names, addresses, specialties, coordinates, images, and profile links. Ideal for directories, medical trends analysis, and app integration. Easy setup on Apify platform. Outputs structured JSON format.

Apify Scraper for MioDottore.it

This Apify actor scrapes information about healthcare professionals from the MioDottore.it website.



  • City: List of City to scrape.
  • Professions: List of Professions to scrape.


The actor outputs JSON files with the following fields for each doctor:

  • city: City where the doctor is located.
  • doctor_name: Name of the doctor.
  • address: Address of the doctor's practice.
  • specializations: Specializations of the doctor.
  • latitude: Latitude coordinates of the doctor's location.
  • longitude: Longitude coordinates of the doctor's location.
  • image_url: URL of the doctor's profile image.
  • link: URL of the doctor's profile on MioDottore.it.


2    {
3        "city": "Siena",
4        "doctor_name": "Dr. Claudio Pagliantini",
5        "address": "Via Fiorentina 153, Siena",
6        "specializations": "Ortopedico, Chirurgo",
7        "latitude": "43.3425102",
8        "longitude": "11.3056355",
9        "image_url": "//s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/miodottore.it/doctor/4b2d2d/4b2d2d02f5ba66a9f74d144044686e70_medium_square.jpg",
10        "link": "https://www.miodottore.it/claudio-pagliantini/ortopedico-chirurgo/siena"
11    },
12    {
13        "city": "Siena",
14        "doctor_name": "Dr. Mattia Fortina",
15        "address": "Strada Massetana Romana 56, Siena",
16        "specializations": "Ortopedico",
17        "latitude": "43.3027267",
18        "longitude": "11.3235245",
19        "image_url": "//s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/miodottore.it/doctor/8e2d32/8e2d32151b8cc52a8f87ce23a7ddef72_medium_square.jpg",
20        "link": "https://www.miodottore.it/mattia-fortina/ortopedico/oleggio"
21    }
22    // More entries...


  • Ensure compliance with MioDottore.it's terms of service.
  • Customize the actor's behavior by adjusting the scraping logic in main.js.
  • For support or issues, contact the actor developer at [your contact details].
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