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Whatsapp Groups Scraper

Whatsapp Groups Scraper

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Whatsapp Groups Scraper was able to extract all the relevant information about the whatsapp groups your number belongs to. This Actor is no longer available due to the change on Apify's T&Cs. If you are interested on using the code behind this Actor, please reach out to: info@inutil.info

The Whatsapp Groups Scraper is a powerful Actor available on the Apify platform that allows users to extract comprehensive information about the groups they belong to on WhatsApp.

This actor facilitates the extraction of data such as:

  • Whatsapp Group members.
  • Group administrators.
  • Group name.
  • Creation date.
  • Group description.
  • Group properties.

The extracted data is then organized and presented in a convenient Excel file format, with each group having its own dedicated worksheet.

In addition to Excel, the Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor also supports exporting the results in various other formats, including JSON, CSV, and HTML. This flexibility enables users to choose the output format that best suits their needs for further analysis or integration with other systems.

With the Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor, users can effortlessly gather crucial information about their WhatsApp groups, gaining valuable insights into group dynamics, membership details, and overall group administration. Whether it's for personal use or business purposes, this actor streamlines the process of extracting, organizing, and presenting WhatsApp groups data, making it a valuable tool for efficient data management and analysis.

Users that wish to execute the Actor will need to obtain an execution token first.

Why scrape Whasapp Groups?

Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor's versatility allows for numerous creative use cases where extracting WhatsApp group data can provide valuable insights and facilitate efficient data management.

So what could you do with that data? Here are some ideas:

  • Research and Analysis: Researchers can leverage the Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor to collect data on various WhatsApp groups for academic or market research. This data can be used to study group dynamics, communication patterns, user behavior, or even analyze sentiment within specific groups.

  • Marketing and Outreach: Businesses can utilize the Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor to gather information about relevant WhatsApp groups related to their target audience. This data can be used for targeted marketing campaigns, outreach initiatives, or to identify potential brand ambassadors or influencers within those groups.

  • Community Management: Community managers can employ the Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor to efficiently manage and moderate large-scale WhatsApp groups. By extracting data such as group members, administrators, and group properties, they can monitor group activity, identify potential issues, and ensure a safe and engaging environment for all members.

  • Competitive Analysis: The Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor can be useful for gathering insights into competitor activities and strategies. By extracting data from competitor's WhatsApp groups, businesses can gain valuable information about their target audience, product offerings, marketing tactics, and customer engagement.

  • Data Backup and Archiving: Individuals or organizations can utilize the Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor to create backups and archives of their WhatsApp group data. By extracting and storing information such as group members, administrators, and group details in a structured format like Excel, CSV, or JSON, users can maintain a record of important conversations, contacts, or critical group information.

There are several arguments that justify why scraping your own WhatsApp groups is not illegal. Here are a few:

  • User Consent: As the owner and participant of the WhatsApp groups, you have given your explicit consent to share your information within those groups. This consent extends to the data extraction of your own groups for personal use or legitimate purposes.

  • Personal Use: Scraping your own WhatsApp groups for personal use, such as organizing and analyzing data, does not infringe upon any legal boundaries. It falls within your rights as the owner of the data and does not involve unauthorized access to others' personal information.

  • Data Ownership: As the creator and contributor of content within the WhatsApp groups, you have a certain degree of ownership over that data. Extracting and organizing this data for personal purposes or record-keeping is a legitimate use of your own information.

  • Terms of Service: WhatsApp's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy outline the permissions and usage rights granted to users regarding their own data. As long as the scraping activity adheres to these terms and policies, it remains within the boundaries of legality.

  • Data Protection Laws: In many jurisdictions, data protection laws primarily focus on regulating the collection and processing of personal data by organizations or individuals who are not the data subjects themselves. Scraping your own WhatsApp groups for personal use does not involve accessing or processing others' personal data without consent, making it less likely to raise legal concerns.

The Whatsapp Groups Scraper is ethical and does not extract any private user data, such as email addresses, gender, or location. It only extracts what the users have chosen to share publicly on the Whatsapp network, and therefore we believe that the scraper, when used for ethical purposes by Apify users, is safe. However, you should be aware that your results could contain personal data. Personal data is protected by GDPR in the European Union and by other regulations around the world. You should not scrape personal data unless you have a legitimate reason to do so. If you're unsure whether your reason is legitimate, consult your lawyers.

Cost of usage

When running the Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor on the Apify platform, there are two crucial factors to consider:

  • Compute units - used for running the scraper.
  • Actor run token - this is the token requested as a input by the Actor on each run.

The usage costs differ depending on how many groups you are scraping. According to our tests, running a full scrape of 100 groups has a minimun cost and you don't need to allocate a significant ammount of RAM to run the actor. The more RAM and CPU you allocate, the less time the Actor will take to complete its run.

The token cost: when you run the Actor you need to provide a valid token, otherwise it will not start. To get a token, you need to buy one on this payment link and enter it on the token field as an input. Each token bought will be valid for one run.

How to use the scraper: step-by-step guide

The Whatsapp Groups Scraper Here's a step-by-step user manual for using the Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor on Apify:

  1. Start the Actor:

    • Go to the Apify platform and navigate to the Whatsapp Groups Scraper Actor.
    • Click on the "Run" button to start the Actor.
  2. Retrieve the QR Code:

    • Once the Actor is running, go to the Actor's log tab.
    • Look for the QR code generated by the Actor. It will be displayed in the log tab.
  3. Scan the QR Code:

    • Open the WhatsApp application on your mobile device.
    • Navigate to the "Linked Devices" or "WhatsApp Web/Desktop" option (the exact name may vary based on your device and WhatsApp version).
    • Select the option to "Scan QR Code" or "Link a Device."
    • Use the WhatsApp application to scan the QR code displayed in the Apify Actor's log tab.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the scanning process.
  4. Wait for Completion:

    • Once you have successfully scanned the QR code, wait for a few seconds to allow the Actor to complete the scraping process.
    • The Actor will extract the desired data from your WhatsApp groups.
  5. Access the Output:

    • Once the scraping process is completed, go to the Actor's output tab.
    • Look for the link provided to download the result file.
    • The result file will be in the XLS (Excel) format and will contain a separate tab for each WhatsApp group.
  6. Download the Result:

    • Click on the provided link to download the XLS file.
    • Save the file to your desired location on your device (or return later to Apify and download the dataset saved on your account).

That's it!

How to use the scraper: video guide

The Whatsapp Groups Scraper can be used as shown on this video.

Input parameters

token: (mandatory field)

Enter on this field the token needed to run the Actor. You need to buy a token on this payment link. Each token will allow you to run the Actor one time.

Whatsapp Groups Scraper output format

The actor stores its results in a dataset as an Excel file (xls). Each group is a separate tab on the excel file. You can also download the results data (in raw format) as a HTML, JSON, CSV, or XML doc.

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