Residential Proxy Probe

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Find residential proxy sessions on Apify Proxy with target IP addresses geo-located in specific postal codes or DMAs.

This actor finds residential IP address on Apify Proxy that are geolocated in specific postal codes or DMA areas.

The actor probes random sessions on Apify Proxy with the RESIDENTIAL proxy group and using IP geolocation checks if the corresponding residential IP address belongs to a certain postal code or DMA area, in a specific country. If yes, the actor saves the session key and then performs periodic requests on that session to keep it alive. Therefore, the actor needs to run infinitely or as long as you need the proxies.

Yes, this actor is a hack.

The pool of residential proxy session is periodically stored as a JSON record into a Key-value store (either to a named or an anonymous one), including various statistics. The file looks as follows:

{ "stats": { "probesTotal": 1290, "probesMatched": 672, "probesDmaMismatch": 409, "probesDmaNotFound": 86, "refreshesTotal": 4688, "refreshesIpSame": 4197, "forgotten": 289, "probesFailed": 3, "refreshesFailed": 16, "refreshesIpChanged": 319, "probesNoPostalCode": 25 }, "proxySessions": { "596452102": { "ipAddress": "", "countryCode": "US", "regionName": "New York", "city": "Yonkers", "postalCode": "10701", "dmaCode": "501", "foundAt": "2019-09-11T11:32:47.727Z", "lastCheckedAt": "2019-09-11T11:33:27.487Z" }, "dbc0a42d7": { "ipAddress": "", "countryCode": "US", "regionName": "Maryland", "city": "Severn", "postalCode": "21144", "dmaCode": "512", "foundAt": "2019-09-11T11:32:08.278Z", "lastCheckedAt": "2019-09-11T11:33:27.325Z" }, ... } }