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Facebook Reel Scraper

Facebook Reel Scraper

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3 days trial then $20.00/month - No credit card required now

This scraper will get Reel details from Facebook pages of your choice.

This changelog summarizes all the changes made to Facebook Reel Scraper actor.



  • Now you are able to scrape reel's date and time when it was published
  • You can use proxys for the scraping
  • Safety scraping features

In this version if you want to get dates for the reels you MUST use a proxy. Date scraping is not working without proxy. We recommend to use Apify's RESIDENTIAL proxies. Date scraping takes more time, and more resources so the run will be more expensive. In the default settings proxy is not configured, you have to set it up if you choose to scrape dates too.



  • There is no limitation on maximum reels per profile
  • Improved Logging
Maintained by Community
Actor metrics
  • 15 monthly users
  • 90.5% runs succeeded
  • 3.9 days response time
  • Created in Sep 2023
  • Modified about 1 month ago