Playwright Test Runner

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Run Playwright tests across numerous browser configurations with Apify. Create your tests in seconds and get comprehensive test reports faster than ever.

Run your Playwright tests on the Apify Platform effectively and easily. Just set up your test environment using a user-friendly UI and let the platform do the rest.


Run your Playwright tests on the Apify Platform

No more pre-commit hooks or CI/CD pipelines. Integrate your tests with the Apify Platform using a user-friendly UI and forget about the hassle of setting up your test environment.

Test configuration with comprehensive UI

Collect and analyze your test results online

After running the tests, the Apify Platform stores the results in comprehensive datasets. You can view the results directly on the platform or download them to your local machine using a REST API.

Analyzing understandable test reports

No more problems with incompatible browser versions

Playwright Test toolkit automatically downloads the latest versions of Chromium, Firefox, and WebKit browsers and installs them in the Apify Platform.

This way, you can test your websites using all the popular browsers without worrying about compatibility issues.

Testing with multiple browser versions at once

How to use

To run tests with the Playwright Test Actor, just copy-paste your generated test code into the Test Suite code field in the Actor settings.

You can also customize the test run by specifying other options in the settings, e.g. the screen size, headful/headless execution or the maximum run time.


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