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Republic is an investment platform headquartered in New York City that allows individuals to invest in startups, growth-stage pre-IPO companies, real estate, video games, and crypto companies.

Output Examples

    "airdrop": false,
    "amount_raised_cents": 7500000000,
    "amount_raised_this_week_cents": 3200000,
    "avatar": {
        "extra_small": "",
        "extra_small_2x": "",
        "large": "",
        "large_2x": "",
        "medium": "",
        "medium_2x": "",
        "small": "",
        "small_2x": ""
    "card_image": {
        "default_2x_url": "",
        "default_url": "",
        "url": ""
    "card_tooltip_text": "Realm Metaverse Real Estate Inc.'s Reservation Campaign offering under Reg A+ hosted by Republic Core",
    "company_name": "Realm Metaverse Real Estate",
    "cover_url": "default/offering-cover/background.svg",
    "custodial": false,
    "deadline": 1684047599,
    "description": "A diversified portfolio of digital real estate NFTs across various metaverses",
    "disallow_investment_cancellations": true,
    "disallow_investment_decreases": true,
    "following": null,
    "has_closed": false,
    "hidden": false,
    "hosting_entity": "core",
    "hosting_entity_for_display": "Republic Core",
    "id": "realm-metaverse-realestate",
    "investment_amount_multiplier_cents": 50000,
    "investors_count": 15300,
    "issuer_profile": {
        "city": "Lakeville",
        "created_at": 1634302893,
        "discord_url": "",
        "employee_count": 0,
        "facebook_url": "",
        "full_address_for_display": "350 Main Street, Lakeville, CT, United States 06039",
        "incorporation_date": "2021-03-09",
        "incorporation_state": "Delaware",
        "incorporation_type": "Corporation",
        "instagram_url": "",
        "legal_company_name": "Realm Metaverse Real Estate Inc.",
        "linkedin_url": null,
        "medium_url": "",
        "pinterest_url": "",
        "state": "CT",
        "street1": "350 Main Street",
        "street2": "",
        "tiktok_url": null,
        "twitter_url": "",
        "website_url": "",
        "youtube_url": ""
    "legal_company_name": "Realm Metaverse Real Estate Inc.",
    "logo": {
        "medium_2x_url": "",
        "medium_url": "",
        "url": ""
    "max_investment_amount_cents": 100000000,
    "max_raise_amount_cents": 7500000000,
    "min_investment_amount_cents": 100000,
    "min_raise_amount_cents": 1,
    "offering_id": 1239,
    "published_at": 1637026445,
    "reached_max_raise_amount": true,
    "regulation": "regulation_a_plus",
    "regulation_for_display": "Reg A+",
    "requires_alcohol_reps": false,
    "requires_w8": false,
    "requires_w9": false,
    "reviews_count": 48,
    "show_accredited_only_badge": false,
    "special_deal_terms": false,
    "state": "published",
    "supported_by_ios_app": false,
    "tags": [
    "testing_the_waters": true,
    "testing_the_waters_first_days_off": false,
    "trending": false,
    "vertical": ""


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