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All-in-one solution to scrape every aspect of

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cat (Jupri) opened this issue
7 months ago

Welcome to Twitter X-Plorer

enter image description hereenter image description here


Twitter is an online social media and social networking service owned and operated by American company X Corp., the legal successor of Twitter, Inc. Twitter users outside the United States are legally served by the Ireland-based Twitter International Unlimited Company, which makes these users subject to Irish and European Union data protection laws[9][10]

About This Actor

All-In-One solution for Twitter Data Extracting :

  • ⭐Scrape User timeline, followers, following, media, likes, lists, topics, highlights, etc.
  • ⭐Scrape List timeline, members, followers
  • ⭐Scrape Specific Topic
  • ⭐Scrape Status & Threads
  • ⭐Scrape Media: Photo / Video / Gif, etc.
  • ⭐Advanced Search
  • ⭐Content Formatting: HTML or Plain TEXT
  • ⭐Low Memory Cost
  • ⭐A.S.A.P


  • This actor using anonymous credential that bound to twitter rate-limit. More people accessing the actor, more fast the limit exceeded.
  • You can provide your own token (auth_token) that also bound to rate-limit but with different "bucket".
  • First, try without your own token. If there is no result then you can try using your own token (auth_token). Please refer to README page to obtain auth_token cookie value.
  • This Twitter scraper only collects data that’s publicly available. This means data that’s accessible without logging in to Twitter and without accepting Twitter’s terms of use. Please note that if you accepted Twitter’s terms of use, your ability to scrape Twitter data may be limited. If that is the case, please review the terms and make an informed decision yourself.
  • By providing your personal auth_token, you agree to obey twitter TOS, especially regarding rate-limit policy 50 request per 15 minutes enforced by elonmusk
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cat (Jupri)

7 months ago


To get auth_token cookie value :

  1. Login to
  2. Open Chrome Developer Tools (Ctrl + Shift + I)
  3. Open Application Tab
  4. On left panel, go to: Storage -> Cookies ->
  5. Find cookie named auth_token (40 characters string value).
  6. Copy & Paste Here :
2	"query": "@elonmusk/followers",

enter image description here

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cat (Jupri)

4 months ago

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