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Erasmus+ Organisation Scraper

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Data extraction tool for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps organisations. Search for organisations by their legal name, business name, country, city and more! 🌐

Search terms


Search terms representing Erasmus+ organizations you need data for. You can use all terms supported by Erasmus+ organization search engine: legal name, business name, hyperlink, PIC or an OID.

Default value of this property is []

Legal name


Business name




Value options:

"AD": string"AE": string"AF": string"AG": string"AI": string"AL": string"AM": string"AO": string"AQ": string"AR": string"AS": string"AT": string"AU": string"AW": string"AZ": string"BA": string"BB": string"BD": string"BE": string"BF": string"BG": string"BH": string"BI": string"BJ": string"BL": string"BM": string"BN": string"BO": string"BQ": string"BR": string"BS": string"BT": string"BV": string"BW": string"BY": string"BZ": string"CA": string"CC": string"CD": string"CF": string"CG": string"CH": string"CI": string"CK": string"CL": string"CM": string"CN": string"CO": string"CR": string"CU": string"CV": string"CW": string"CX": string"CY": string"CZ": string"DE": string"DJ": string"DK": string"DM": string"DO": string"DZ": string"EC": string"EE": string"EG": string"EH": string"EL": string"ER": string"ES": string"ET": string"FI": string"FJ": string"FK": string"FM": string"FO": string"FR": string"GA": string"GD": string"GE": string"GG": string"GH": string"GI": string"GL": string"GM": string"GN": string"GQ": string"GS": string"GT": string"GU": string"GW": string"GY": string"HK": string"HM": string"HN": string"HR": string"HT": string"HU": string"ID": string"IE": string"IL": string"IM": string"IN": string"IO": string"IQ": string"IR": string"IS": string"IT": string"JE": string"JM": string"JO": string"JP": string"KE": string"KG": string"KH": string"KI": string"KM": string"KN": string"KP": string"KR": string"KW": string"KY": string"KZ": string"LA": string"LB": string"LC": string"LI": string"LK": string"LR": string"LS": string"LT": string"LU": string"LV": string"LY": string"MA": string"MC": string"MD": string"ME": string"MG": string"MH": string"MK": string"ML": string"MM": string"MN": string"MO": string"MP": string"MR": string"MS": string"MT": string"MU": string"MV": string"MW": string"MX": string"MY": string"MZ": string"NA": string"NC": string"NE": string"NF": string"NG": string"NI": string"NL": string"NO": string"NP": string"NR": string"NU": string"NZ": string"OM": string"PA": string"PE": string"PF": string"PG": string"PH": string"PK": string"PL": string"PM": string"PN": string"PR": string"PS": string"PT": string"PW": string"PY": string"QA": string"RE": string"RO": string"RS": string"RU": string"RW": string"SA": string"SB": string"SC": string"SD": string"SE": string"SG": string"SH": string"SI": string"SJ": string"SK": string"SL": string"SM": string"SN": string"SO": string"SR": string"SS": string"ST": string"SV": string"SX": string"SY": string"SZ": string"TC": string"TD": string"TF": string"TG": string"TH": string"TJ": string"TK": string"TL": string"TM": string"TN": string"TO": string"TR": string"TT": string"TV": string"TW": string"TZ": string"UA": string"UG": string"UK": string"UM": string"US": string"UY": string"UZ": string"VA": string"VC": string"VE": string"VG": string"VI": string"VN": string"VU": string"WF": string"WS": string"XK": string"YE": string"YT": string"ZA": string"ZM": string"ZW": string







Organisation ID


Registration number


VAT number


Erasmus Charter for Higher Education Code


Proxy Configuration


Use either Apify proxies or your own.

Default value of this property is {"useApifyProxy":true}

Debug Mode


Check this field if you need to see debug logs.

Default value of this property is false

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