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Empty results from


pzubkiewicz opened this issue
12 days ago

Nothing is returned from that page

12024-04-04T09:58:45.807Z INFO  Adding article URL:
22024-04-04T09:58:46.294Z INFO  CheerioCrawler: Starting the crawler.
32024-04-04T09:58:47.526Z WARN  IS NOT VALID ARTICLE --- Reasons: [Article has too few words: 145 (should be at least 150)] ---
42024-04-04T09:58:47.599Z INFO  CheerioCrawler: All requests from the queue have been processed, the crawler will shut down.
52024-04-04T09:58:47.799Z INFO  CheerioCrawler: Final request statistics: {"requestsFinished":1,"requestsFailed":0,"retryHistogram":[1],"requestAvgFailedDurationMillis":null,"requestAvgFinishedDurationMillis":1195,"requestsFinishedPerMinute":37,"requestsFailedPerMinute":0,"requestTotalDurationMillis":1195,"requestsTotal":1,"crawlerRuntimeMillis":1616}
62024-04-04T09:58:47.804Z INFO  CheerioCrawler: Finished! Total 1 requests: 1 succeeded, 0 failed. {"terminal":true}
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Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, Medium can be quite complex to parse and the actor only parsed text from the first paragraph.

You can improve that by using the Extend Output Function to point it to the correct text.

One example would be this

1($) => {
2    return {
3        text: $('article p, article ol').text().trim()
4    }

But it would require better selector to get really clean text.

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