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Shopee Api Scraper

Shopee Api Scraper

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Query Shopee's unofficial API for product searches by keyword, category, or shop. Access detailed information including prices, orders, stock levels, and ratings. Also retrieve related entities like the category tree, shop listings, and keyword suggestions.

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I have requirement of new feature which is not available currently


Amarnath_apify opened this issue
3 months ago

I’m looking to extract product data from a shop, sorted by sales, until I reach products with zero sales. Although there’s a feature that allows for crawling through next pages, I require a feature that enables scraping of all pages until the sales of products from a specific seller reach to zero. Could you please inform me if such a feature already exists? If it doesn’t, could you let me know if it’s possible to add this feature?

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Hi Amarnath,

I don't have this feature, but it's indeed interesting. I can add it probably next week, alongside the support for URLs like "".

Best Regards,


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3 months ago

Thank you for considering my request. Will be eagerly waiting for the new feature.

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