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Shopee Api Scraper

Shopee Api Scraper

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14 days trial then $50.00/month - No credit card required now

Query Shopee's unofficial API for product searches by keyword, category, or shop. Access detailed information including prices, orders, stock levels, and ratings. Also retrieve related entities like the category tree, shop listings, and keyword suggestions.

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Shopee changed shop items API request type to "POST"


resolute_vacuum opened this issue
3 months ago

API: PAYLOAD SAMPLE: {"bundle":"shop_page_category_tab_main","shop_id":15235546,"limit":30,"offset":0,"upstream":"","sort_type":1,"user_behaviour":{"user_behaviour_list":[]}}

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Thanks to inform me! Let me check!

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Hi, I have just updated my scraper, the shop products are now scraped with the POST method.

Thanks again for your help!

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