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This unofficial Tripadvisor API is a data extraction tool able to get data on hotels, restaurants, things to do, vacation rentals, attractions, tours, and public trips. Get pricing, contact details, amenities, awards, ratings, and more. Download your data in Excel, JSON, CSV, and other formats.

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Null fields


pasquale opened this issue
a month ago

Is it possible to esclude "null" fields from scraping? Example, if email field is empty do not fetch that record. Thanks.

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Hi Pasquale,

thanks a lot for opening this issue! No, this is not directly possible in this Actor alone.

We want to keep the null fields in the output to better let users understand what the Actor should return. It also keeps the output constant and not changing constantly.

Solution for you

If you wish to have the null fields removed, you can use an utility Actor like the Merge, Dedup & Transform Datasets to modify the finished dataset.

In the dataset transform function paste in this code to remove the null fields:

1(items) => {
2    return JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(items), (key, value) => {
3        if (value == null) return undefined;
4        return value;
5    });

You can also connect the Actors together via an Actor to Actor integration ;)

I hope this helps, happy scraping!

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