Tripadvisor Scraper

This unofficial Tripadvisor API is a user-friendly no-code data extraction tool that lets you scrape Tripadvisor for information on hotels, restaurants, and things to do. Get reviews, pricing, contact details, amenities, awards, and more. Download your data in JSON, CSV, Excel, and other formats.

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Tripadvisor Scraper

Free trial for 7 days

Then $40.00/month

What can Tripadvisor Scraper do?

This scraper lets you get data from Tripadvisor fast and easily. It's suitable for such use cases as scraping Tripadvisor reviews, emails, addresses, awards, and many more attributes of hotels and restaurants on the Tripadvisor platform.

This version brings you an unlimited number of results and the possibility to get all reviews for each place. If you don't need that many results, try our Free Tripadvisor scraper, which will give you 100 results per search (and 20 reviews for each place).

You can either enter the location and download the data from the dataset or send a synchronous request to the actor endpoint and crawl all the information about a single place (e.g., hotel, restaurant) in 15 seconds.

How many results can you scrape with Tripadvisor scraper?

Tripadvisor scraper can return tens thousands results on average, based on location. However, you have to keep in mind that scraping has many variables to it and may cause the results to fluctuate case by case. There’s no one-size-fits-all-use-cases number. The maximum number of results may vary depending on the complexity of the input, location, and other factors. Some of the most frequent cases are:

  • website gives a different number of results depending on the type/value of the input
  • website has an internal limit that no scraper can cross
  • scraper has a limit that we are working on improving

Therefore, while we regularly run Actor tests to keep the benchmarks in check, the results may also fluctuate without our knowing. The best way to know for sure for your particular use case is to do a test run yourself.

How much will scraping Tripadvisor cost you?

When it comes to scraping, it can be challenging to estimate the resources needed to extract data as use cases may vary significantly. That's why the best course of action is to run a test scrape with a small sample of input data and limited output. You’ll get your price per scrape, which you’ll then multiply by the number of scrapes you intend to do.

Watch this video for a few helpful tips. And don't forget that choosing a higher plan will save you money in the long run.

How do I use Tripadvisor Scraper?

You can either use a search term (location) or use specific urls that you filter out on Tripadvisor web itself.

If you use search, you can state how many items you want to get in the maximum items field and what content you want (attractions, restaurants, hotels). If you are scraping hotels, you can also choose check-in dates).

Alternatively, you can scrape review tags from specified places and reviews from specific dates (you can set a limit on the number of reviews you want to scrape). You can also select languages and currencies.

Tripadvisor Scraper tutorial

If you want further guidance on how to use this tool, follow our step-by-step guide


When running Tripadvisor Scraper, you need to configure what you want to scrape and how it should be extracted. This input is provided either as a JSON file or in the editor on the Apify platform. Most input fields have reasonable default values.

For detailed descriptions and examples for all input fields, please visit the dedicated Input page.

Sample output from Tripadvisor Scraper


{ "id": "634696", "type": "HOTEL", "name": "The Bowery Hotel", "image": "", "awards": [], "rankingPosition": "27", "priceLevel": "$$$$", "priceRange": "$571 - $772", "category": "hotel", "rating": 4.5, "hotelClass": "5.0", "hotelClassAttribution": "This property is classified according to Giata.", "phone": "+1 212-505-9100", "address": "335 Bowery, New York City, NY 10003-7138", "email": "", "amenities": [], "numberOfRooms": 135, "prices": [], "latitude": "40.726044", "longitude": "-73.991684", "webUrl": "", "website": "", "rankingString": "#27 of 524 hotels in New York City", "rankingDenominator": "524", "numberOfReviews": 891, "reviews": [] }


{ "id": "20267391", "type": "RESTAURANT", "name": "Zeppola Bakery", "image": "", "awards": [], "rankingPosition": "1", "priceLevel": "$", "category": "restaurant", "rating": 5, "isClosed": false, "isLongClosed": false, "phone": "+1 917-419-9690", "address": "499 7th Ave, New York City, NY 10018-6803", "email": "", "cuisine": [ "Italian" ], "mealTypes": [], "dietaryRestrictions": [], "hours": [ [ { "open": 480, "close": 1320 } ], [ { "open": 420, "close": 1320 } ], [ { "open": 420, "close": 1320 } ], [ { "open": 420, "close": 1320 } ], [ { "open": 420, "close": 1320 } ], [ { "open": 420, "close": 1440 } ], [ { "open": 420, "close": 1440 } ] ], "latitude": "40.66147", "longitude": "-73.98612", "webUrl": "", "website": "", "rankingDenominator": "8453", "rankingString": "#1 of 13,863 places to eat in New York City", "numberOfReviews": 171, "reviews": [] }


{ "type": "ATTRACTION", "image": "", "location_id": "8072300", "name": "One World Observatory", "latitude": "40.71324", "longitude": "-74.0132", "num_reviews": "28806", "timezone": "America/New_York", "location_string": "New York City, New York", "photo": { "images": { "small": { "width": "150", "url": "", "height": "150" }, "thumbnail": { "width": "50", "url": "", "height": "50" }, "original": { "width": "1280", "url": "", "height": "853" }, "large": { "width": "1024", "url": "", "height": "683" }, "medium": { "width": "550", "url": "", "height": "367" } }, "is_blessed": true, "uploaded_date": "2019-04-05T12:13:00-0400", "caption": "Sky Portal: Step on this 14-foot wide circular glass disc that offers an unforgettable perspective using high definition footage of the streets 100 floors below.", "id": "386856262", "helpful_votes": "19", "published_date": "2019-04-05T12:13:00-0400", "user": { "user_id": null, "member_id": "0", "type": "user" } }, "api_detail_url": "", "awards": [], "location_subtype": "none", "doubleclick_zone": "", "preferred_map_engine": "default", "raw_ranking": "4.567430019378662", "ranking_geo": "New York City", "ranking_geo_id": "60763", "ranking_position": "17", "ranking_denominator": "1405", "ranking_category": "attraction", "ranking_subcategory": "#17 of 1,405 things to do in New York City", "subcategory_ranking": "#17 of 1,405 things to do in New York City", "ranking": "#17 of 1,405 things to do in New York City", "distance": null, "distance_string": null, "bearing": null, "rating": "4.5", "is_closed": false, "open_now_text": "Opens in 26 min", "is_long_closed": false, "neighborhood_info": [ { "location_id": "15565677", "name": "Downtown Manhattan (Downtown)" }, { "location_id": "7102346", "name": "Financial District" } ], "description": "There are a million things to experience in New York City, but there’s only one way to see them all at once. You can start by hopping a Sky Pod to the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. There, 102 stories up, find yourself face-to-face with New York’s iconic skyline. Maybe you’ve seen views of the city before, but never quite like this. Walk the three sprawling levels of the Observatory and discover surprises along the way. Drop into the café and grab a bite to eat. Step onto the Sky Portal and stroll high above the crowded streets. Take an interactive guided tour of the city with the help of our Skyline Concierges, available to answer any questions you might have about New York’s long and storied history. And don’t leave without stopping by the One Mix bar for a glass of celebratory prosecco and one last look toward the horizon. See for yourself why One World Observatory is truly An Experience Above.", "web_url": "", "write_review": "", "ancestors": [ { "subcategory": [ { "key": "city", "name": "City" } ], "name": "New York City", "abbrv": null, "location_id": "60763" }, { "subcategory": [ { "key": "state", "name": "State" } ], "name": "New York", "abbrv": "NY", "location_id": "28953" }, { "subcategory": [ { "key": "country", "name": "Country" } ], "name": "United States", "abbrv": null, "location_id": "191" } ], "category": { "key": "attraction", "name": "Attraction" }, "subcategory": [ { "key": "47", "name": "Sights & Landmarks" } ], "parent_display_name": "New York City", "is_jfy_enabled": false, "nearest_metro_station": [], "phone": "+1 212-602-4000", "website": "", "email": "", "address_obj": { "street1": "285 Fulton St", "street2": "One World Trade Center", "city": "New York City", "state": "NY", "country": "United States", "postalcode": "10007-0089" }, "address": "285 Fulton St One World Trade Center, New York City, NY 10007-0089", "hours": { "week_ranges": [ [ { "open_time": 600, "close_time": 1140 } ], [ { "open_time": 600, "close_time": 1140 } ], [ { "open_time": 600, "close_time": 1140 } ], [ { "open_time": 600, "close_time": 1140 } ], [ { "open_time": 600, "close_time": 1140 } ], [ { "open_time": 600, "close_time": 1140 } ], [ { "open_time": 600, "close_time": 1140 } ] ], "timezone": "America/New_York" }, "is_candidate_for_contact_info_suppression": false, "subtype": [ { "key": "3", "name": "Architectural Buildings" }, { "key": "166", "name": "Lookouts" }, { "key": "39", "name": "Observation Decks & Towers" } ], "booking": { "provider": "Viator", "url": "" }, "offer_group": { "lowest_price": "$25.99", "offer_list": [ { "url": "", "price": "$53.35", "rounded_up_price": "$54", "offer_type": "", "title": "NYC One World Observatory General Admission Ticket", "product_code": "8747ONEWORLD", "partner": "Viator", "image_url": "", "description": null, "primary_category": "Attraction Tickets" }, { "url": "", "price": "$109.00", "rounded_up_price": "$109", "offer_type": "", "title": "All-Access 9/11: Ground Zero Tour, Memorial and Museum, One World Observatory", "product_code": "5250P14", "partner": "Viator", "image_url": "", "description": null, "primary_category": "Historical & Heritage Tours" }, { "url": "", "price": "$39.00", "rounded_up_price": "$39", "offer_type": "", "title": "9/11 Memorial, Ground Zero Tour with Optional One World Observatory Ticket", "product_code": "5250GZOWO", "partner": "Viator", "image_url": "", "description": null, "primary_category": "Historical & Heritage Tours" }, { "url": "", "price": "$74.00", "rounded_up_price": "$74", "offer_type": "", "title": "The New York Sightseeing Flex Pass: Save Big on 100+ Attractions and Tours!", "product_code": "455222FLEXPASS", "partner": "Viator", "image_url": "", "description": null, "primary_category": "Sightseeing Passes" }, { "url": "", "price": "$34.99", "rounded_up_price": "$35", "offer_type": "", "title": "OPENED: New York City Sky Line & Statue of Liberty Sightseeing Cruise Pier 36", "product_code": "195909P2", "partner": "Viator", "image_url": "", "description": null, "primary_category": "Day Cruises" } ], "has_see_all_url": true, "is_eligible_for_ap_list": true }, "tags": {}, "reviews": [] }

Want more specific Tripadvisor data?

Get your data even faster with these targeted Tripadvisor Scrapers:

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Not your cup of tea? Build your own scraper

Tripadvisor scraper doesn’t exactly do what you need? You can always build your own! We have various scraper templates in Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript to get you started. Alternatively, you can write it from scratch using our open-source library Crawlee. You can keep the scraper to yourself or make it public by adding it to Apify Store (and find users for it).

Or let us know if you need a custom scraping solution.

Integrations and Tripadvisor Scraper

Last but not least, Tripadvisor Scraper can be connected with almost any cloud service or web app thanks to integrations on the Apify platform. You can integrate with Make, Zapier, Slack, Airbyte, GitHub, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and more. Or you can use webhooks to carry out an action whenever an event occurs, e.g. get a notification whenever Tripadvisor Scraper successfully finishes a run.

Using Tripadvisor Scraper with the Apify API

The Apify API gives you programmatic access to the Apify platform. The API is organized around RESTful HTTP endpoints that enable you to manage, schedule, and run Apify actors. The API also lets you access any datasets, monitor actor performance, fetch results, create and update versions, and more.

To access the API using Node.js, use the apify-client NPM package. To access the API using Python, use the apify-client PyPI package.

Check out the Apify API reference docs for full details or click on the API tab for code examples.

It is legal to scrape publicly available data such as property descriptions, prices, or ratings. Read our blog post on the legality of web scraping to learn more.

Your feedback

We’re always working on improving the performance of our Actors. So if you’ve got any technical feedback for Tripadvisor scraper or simply found a bug, please create an issue on the Actor’s Issues tab in Apify Console.