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Pay $3.00 for 1,000 results

This unofficial Tripadvisor API is a data extraction tool able to get data on hotels, restaurants, things to do, vacation rentals, attractions, tours, and public trips. Get pricing, contact details, amenities, awards, ratings, and more. Download your data in Excel, JSON, CSV, and other formats.

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Luke0092 opened this issue
2 months ago

i tried 2 times to get all the results from this url ( But the first time i got only 1081 results (RUN ID: kuxdZH4fTxhQRycZ5, URL: and the second time i got 4230 results (RUN ID: cW29fyuoH3Td4EGFM, URL: As you can see in the link the total results should be 6607. Can you help me? Thank you very much

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Hi Luke,

thanks a lot for reporting this! The issue was caused by a very rare error page displayed by TripAdvisor (about 1/250 pages).

I'm happy to inform you that we've updated the scraper with the fix.

Also, we've refunded you back $20 for the incomplete results, it should get deducted at the end of your billing cycle ;)

Happy scraping!

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