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ASINs Extractor


This actor allows you to extract ASINs from an Amazon input URL.

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ASINs Extractor

This actor allows you to extract ASINs from Amazon input URL.

Input configuration

The actor has the following input options:

  • Input URL - Specify an input url.
  • First Page Only - Only extract ASINs from first overview page only the stops the actor.
  • Proxy - Optionally, select a proxy to be used by the actor, in order to avoid IP address-based blocking by the target website. The actor automatically executes all the Scrapy's HTTP(S) requests through the proxy.


Each record represent a title. The following fields is the current data you will get from the scraper...

    "ASIN": "1593279507",

If you have any problem or anything does not work, please file an issue on Apify.


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