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Movies Quotes


Type a keyword, run the actor and get quotes from movies. Discover films you never knew or remember special moments from your favorite movies. Interested in creating a quotes website/blog or conducting your own research about movie genres? Then this actor is your best friend.

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Movies Quotes

Free trial for 1 day

Then $15/month

This actor allows you to collect quotes from movies by a keyword of your choice.

Input configuration

The actor has the following input options:

  • Keyword - type the keyword(s) you would like to a quotes for.
  • Proxy - Optionally, select a proxy to be used by the actor, in order to avoid IP address-based blocking by the target website. The actor automatically executes all the Scrapy's HTTP(S) requests through the proxy.


Each record represent a title. The following fields is the current data you will get from the scraper...

    "id": "tt4574334",
    "title": "Stranger Things",
    "quotes": ["Friends don't lie"],
    "year": "2016–",
    "runtime": "51 min",
    "genre": "Drama, Fantasy, Horror",
    "rating": "8.7",
    "url": "",
    "poster_url": ",0,67,98_AL_.jpg",
    "big_poster_url": ",0,674,1000_AL_.jpg"

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