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The ÇiçekSepeti Scraper extracts product data from given URLs, with adjustable page limits, ideal for market research and data analysis.

ÇiçekSepeti Collection Scraper


The ÇiçekSepeti Collection Scraper is a specialized tool designed for scraping product collections or categories from the ÇiçekSepeti website, a popular online flower and gift delivery service. This scraper is ideal for users who need to extract detailed information from specific categories such as jewelry models, flower arrangements, gift items, and more.

Key Features

  • Scrapes various product collections/categories from ÇiçekSepeti.
  • Allows input of specific URLs for targeted scraping.
  • Configurable to scrape a maximum number of pages per category.

Input Schema

The input schema for the ÇiçekSepeti Collection Scraper includes:

  1. URLs: List of specific URLs from the ÇiçekSepeti website representing the collections or categories to be scraped.
  2. Maximum Pages to Scrape (Optional): Define the maximum number of pages to scrape for each category/collection.

Best Practices

  • Accurate URL Input: Ensure that the URLs provided are accurate and correspond to the specific ÇiçekSepeti collections or categories you intend to scrape.
  • Page Limit Consideration: Set a reasonable page limit to balance between comprehensive data collection and efficient scraping.
  • Regular Updates: Keep the scraper updated to accommodate any changes in the ÇiçekSepeti website structure.
  • Ethical Scraping: Use the scraper responsibly and ethically, respecting ÇiçekSepeti's website terms and conditions.
  • Error Handling: Implement robust error handling to manage and respond to any issues during the scraping process.

Developer & Usage

  • This scraper is designed for ease of use, requiring only the input of specific URLs and an optional page limit.
  • It is suitable for market researchers, data analysts, and anyone interested in e-commerce data from ÇiçekSepeti.

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