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Metal Unlimited Scraper
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This Actor is deprecated

This Actor is unavailable because the developer has decided to deprecate it. Would you like to try a similar Actor instead?

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Metal Unlimited Scraper

Metal Unlimited Scraper


Scrape Metal Unlimited and extract data on gifts and special events from Our Metal Unlimited API lets you crawl product information and pricing. The saved data can be downloaded as HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, and XML.

Max items


How many items to extract from

Default value of this property is 20

Extend Output Function


Add or remove properties on the output object or omit the output returning null

Default value of this property is "async ({ data, item, product, images, fns, name, request, variants, context, customData, input, Apify }) => {\n return item;\n}"

Extend Scraper Function


Advanced function that allows you to extend the default scraper functionality, allowing you to manually perform actions on the page

Default value of this property is "async ({ fns, customData, Apify, label }) => {\n \n}"

Custom data


Any data that you want to have available inside the Extend Output/Scraper Function

Default value of this property is {}

Fetch HTML


If you decide to fetch the HTML of the pages, it will take twice as long. Make sure to only enable this if needed

Default value of this property is true

Max concurrency


Max concurrency to use

Default value of this property is 20

Max request retries


Set the max request retries

Default value of this property is 3

Debug Log


Enable a more verbose logging to be able to understand what's happening during the scraping

Default value of this property is false

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