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Free Tiktok Profile Scraper

Free Tiktok Profile Scraper

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The ultimate free TikTok profile scraper. Extract username, name, bio, followers, contact email, hearts, profile picture and more... from millions of TikTok users for free. Download results in any format HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, or XML doc.

TikTok Profile Scraper (free version)

This actor provide the most efficient way to scrape TikTok profiles informations (username, name, bio, id, followers, likes, contact email, link, videos and more...) from a list of hashtags or a list of usernames.

Free Version Limitations

This actor is a free version of netscrape/tiktok-profile-scraper. It is limited to 30 results per run. To get more results, please upgrade to the full version.


  • Scrape profiles from a list of hashtags
  • Filter results by follower/following count
  • Extract profile contact email


To get started with TikTok Profile Scraper, you only need two things. First, tell the scraper which hashtags you want to scrape profiles from, and second, tell it how many profiles you want to scrape from each hashtag as well as some filters (follower/following count, only scrape if user has email, etc...).

This actor has a number of other configuration settings for filtering and tweaking the results. See Input configuration below for the complete list of settings.

Cost of usage

This actor is designed to be highly cost efficient. A single run on the Apify platform will consume roughly 0.2 compute units to retrieve 1,000 results. As a result, you can extract an average of 10,000 results for less than $1 in platform usage credits.

Example Result

2    "profile_url": "",
3    "profile_picture": "",
4    "following_count": 22,
5    "follower_count": 260200,
6    "heart_count": 4900000,
7    "video_count": 161,
8    "digg_count": 16,
9    "verified": false,
10    "bio": "Josh & Ashley馃馃徎鈥嶁檪锔忦煈煆糪 4collabs馃摡\nFB- Symply Davis鈾ワ笍",
11    "email": "",
12    "username": "jadavis19",
13    "name": "Symply Davis"


For any questions or issues with this actor, please contact us by email

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  • days response time
  • Created in Feb 2023
  • Modified over 1 year ago