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Lightweight Facebook Pages Scraper

Lightweight Facebook Pages Scraper

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Scrape detailed Facebook page information efficiently and cost-effectively with our best scraper. Extract valuable data like page names, URLs, contact details, addresses, likes, and followers for competitive analysis, market research, trend monitoring, and social media analysis.


Facebook Pages Scraper is a robust and efficient tool designed to extract essential data from Facebook pages. By simply entering the page URL and clicking the "Save & Start" button, users can quickly gather the desired information.

What data can I extract from Facebook pages?:

Using this Facebook API, you can extract a variety of key data points from Facebook pages, including:

πŸ“ About Me TextπŸ“„ About Me Text ContentπŸ“° Ad Page ID
πŸ” Ad Status🏠 AddressπŸ‘€ Bio
⏰ Business HoursπŸ’° Business PriceπŸ›‹οΈ Business Services
πŸ“‚ CategoryπŸ‘₯ Confirmed Owner LabelπŸ“… Creation Date
βœ‰οΈ EmailπŸ‘₯ Followers CountπŸ“Έ Image
πŸ”— Image AltπŸ‘ Likes CountπŸ—ΊοΈ Maps Address
πŸ“ž Phone⭐ RatingπŸ“Š Rating Count
🏷️ Title🌐 URL🌐 Website

Input Options:

  • start_urls: URLs to scrape. Use this field when you have multiple URLs to be scraped.

The input for Facebook Pages Scraper should be Facebook Page URLs such as

Click on the input tab for a full explanation of an input example in JSON.

2  "startUrls": [
3    {
4      "url": ""
5    },
6    {
7      "url": ""
8    },
9    {
10      "url": ""
11    }
12  ]

Output and dataset sample:

2  {
3    "about_me_text": "About The Copper Kettle Restaurant",
4    "about_me_text_content": "A downtown landmark housed in a heritage building designed circa 1920s with floor to ceiling windows capturing beautiful views of Victoria Park. Family owned by the Gardikiotis' for 57 years. Recently renovated with diverse menu choices specializing in Mediterranean eats,  signature pizza. Outdoor patio and underground parking available with reservation. City wide delivery from our central location. We look forward to your visit!",
5    "ad_page_id": "851606664870954",
6    "ad_status": "This Page is currently running ads.",
7    "address": "1953 Scarth Street, Regina, SK, Canada, Saskatchewan",
8    "bio": "Longstanding local restaurant. Mediterranean specialties, signature gourmet pizzas (Best of YQR for",
9    "business_hours": "Open now",
10    "business_price": "££",
11    "business_services": "Outdoor seating",
12    "category": [
13      "Page",
14      "Pizza place"
15    ],
16    "confirmed_owner_label": null,
17    "creation_date": "29 October 2014",
18    "description": "The Copper Kettle Restaurant, Regina, Saskatchewan. 2,405 likes Β· 29 talking about this Β· 1,080 were here. Longstanding local restaurant. Mediterranean specialties, signature gourmet pizzas (Best of...",
19    "email": "",
20    "followers_count": 2694,
21    "followers_display": "2.6K followers",
22    "image": "",
23    "image_alt": "The Copper Kettle Restaurant | Regina SK",
24    "likes_count": 2405,
25    "likes_display": "2.4K likes",
26    "maps_address": "",
27    "phone": "+1 306-525-3545",
28    "rating": "4.5 (203 reviews)",
29    "rating_count": "4.5",
30    "rating_overall": "203",
31    "title": "The Copper Kettle Restaurant | Regina SK",
32    "url": "",
33    "user_id": "100064027242849",
34    "website": ""
35  },
36  ...

Your feedback:

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Facebook Contact Details Scraper is a valuable tool for extracting contact information from facebook pages. Whether for lead generation or data collection, this tool can streamline your workflow and provide valuable insights. Start using it today to boost your marketing and sales efforts!

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