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Transfermarkt Scraper


Extract data from Transfermarkt website without API and export data to JSON, XML or CSV.


Apify actor-crawler providing an API for the website.

This actor can extract data from pages. It works best with competition, club or player pages, but is also capable of extracting some data from most (if not all) other page types. It requires only the start page url, it will determine the page type by itself and extract the data accordingly.


Input is a JSON object with the following properties:

    "startUrl": START_URL,
    "parallels": PARALLEL_CRAWLERS,
    "crawlDepth": MAX_CRAWLING_DEPTH,
    "pageDepth": MAX_PAGINATION_DEPTH,
    "puppeteerOptions": LAUNCH_PUPPETEER_OPTIONS

startUrl is the only required attribute. This is the start page URL. parallels specifies how many parallel crawlers will be used, defaults to 1. crawlDepth defines how deep the crawler will navigate from current page, by default it will extract only the start page. pageDepth defines how many pages in the pagination it will navigate to, by default unlimited. puppeteerOptions is a PuppeteerCrawler parameter launchPuppeteerOptions.

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