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Use our all-in-one product matching RPA to monitor e-commerce websites. A must-have for market research, competition analysis, and automated pricing intelligence.

Real-time product matching AI

🛠 Easy start

Easy start with available data extraction tools

💵 Affordable

Affordable AI solution to get data for pricing intelligence

🚀 Accurate

Accurate, scalable and fast

Real-time product matching AI.

Fueled by web scraping, powered by AI

Match products across multiple e-commerce websites. Apply machine learning to compare and automatch collected retail data.

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Matching 1K or 1M product pairs - there’s no difference to our product matching system. Scale up or down whenever you need to.

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Don't waste time adjusting to and learning the website's catalogue. If you decide to map a new category today, you can have it done tomorrow.

Scrape the products and match them in Product mapping

Enjoy the best of both worlds: extract and match data with the same provider. Take advantage of 7+ years of experience on web scraping market.

Step 1

Run scrapers to get your data

Choose a reliable data extraction tool for e-commerce scraping: Apify's, community’s or your own.

Pick and run one of the scrapers shown below or browse the hundreds of other e-commerce scrapers we can offer. We can also build a custom web scraper to match your specific use case.

Amazon Product Scraper avatar

Amazon Product Scraper


Use this Amazon scraper to collect data based on URL and country from the Amazon website. Extract product information without using the Amazon API, including reviews, prices, descriptions, and Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). Download data in various structured formats.

User avatar




Google Shopping Insights avatar

Google Shopping Insights


Unlock valuable insights from Google Shopping with our Data Extractor. Get reviews, descriptions, prices, merchant details, and affiliation links. Export data in JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, and HTML formats with no limits!

User avatar




Shopify Scraper avatar

Shopify Scraper


Automate monitoring prices on the most popular solution for building online stores and selling products online. Crawl arbitrary Shopify-powered online stores and extract a list of all products in a structured form, including product title, price, description, etc.

User avatar




AliExpress Scraper avatar

AliExpress Scraper


Effortlessly extract descriptions, images, feedback, questions, prices, and shipping information from AliExpress. Customize country, language, and region preferences for enhanced data gathering.

User avatar




eBay Scraper avatar

eBay Scraper


Unofficial eBay API to extract data from eBay based on keywords or categories. Scrape reviews, prices, product descriptions, images, location, availability, brand, and more. Download extracted data in structured format and use it in reports, spreadsheets, databases, and applications.

User avatar





Nike Scraper


Scrape product data from Nike’s website using the country of the website.

User avatar




Step 2

Choose the datasets to compare

After scraping data from the two online shops, give the product matching AI the two datasets of products you want matched.

Amazon product data mappingAliexpress product data mapping


Let AI do its magic

The AI mapping Actor will be processing hundreds of potential product pairs per minute to get you the final product pairs you need.


Step 4

Download matches

Download the compared matches in JSON, HTML, Excel spreadsheet or other formats.
Get your product matches automatically.

product mapping tableExport product pairs for two e-commerce shops.svg

feature comparison

Why should you use AI product mapping?

  • Manual mapping
  • AI mapping
Manual mapping

🚀 Scalability

Scaling product mapping can be slow and complicated due to the need to hire and train additional mappers to process a large number of products.

🏎 Speed

When you select new categories or online shops to be processed, it can take a lot of time before you get your first data.

🎯 Precision

Manual mapping can be very precise but it also depends on quality of hiring practices, training and other circumstances. Its quality can also deteriorate over time leading to you having to increase quality monitoring.

🔁 Data update rate

Data updates are heavily constrained by available man-hours and will in general be much lower than when using AI mapping.

🍃 Data relevance

It can take days before new product data gets to you.

Product matching for e-commerce

🎯 AI Product Matcher can be your go-to tool for competitor tracking, pricing intelligence and efficient manual mapping. Watch this tutorial to learn how to scrape and match thousands of product pairs.

Apify video

Frequently asked questions

What is Product Matching?

Product matching is technology designed for monitoring e-commerce websites by comparing and matching products across multiple platforms. AI Product Matcher is essentially AI for product matching able to do this task automatically. Scalability, speed, and precision it provides are crucial for market research, competition analysis, and automated pricing intelligence.

How much does it cost to match a product pair?

Product Matcher works on price-per-result model with $10 per 1,000 checked product pairs. The total price consists of two aspects: scraping + pairing. The scraping part depends on the complexity and scale of your data extraction. As for the pairing part, you pay for the pairs that the AI has checked, meaning both matched and unmatched pairs will be counted in.

You can find the precise price in the Matcher’s readme. If you’ve just created your Apify account, your Free plan should have enough free credits to try the Actor. But if you want to run it regularly or on any kind of scale, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan such as Starter plan with $49 in monthly usage credits. See Apify pricing for the breakdown of which of our plans might suit you best.

How does the AI Product Matcher work?

It needs only two inputs: the dataset(s) to work with and specified attributes to work with. You can test this Actor even if you don't have the product pairs prepared or scraped yet - just run it with the default input. For more detail, follow our step-by-step tutorial.

Can I upload and use my own datasets containing product pairs?

Yes, you can upload your own datasets instead of scraping. You can also upload a single dataset containing pairs from both online shops. Either way, the product matching AI will go through your dataset and identify product pairs. However, this is possible only via an API. See Apify Documentation for a guide on how to get programmatic access to the Apify platform.

Can I get the results through an API?

Yes. There is an option for exporting your data via an API, be it whole datasets or just product pairs. You can have programmatic access to any tool on the platform - including this one - via Apify's web scraping API. You can access it either by using Python or Node.js clients, or manually. This API will enable you to fetch results directly from any of your datasets. Check out the tutorial for details.

How the AI Product Matcher can be used to complement manual mapping?

Some use cases are so sensitive to potential matching errors that you might not want to trust an algorithm with the task, leading to you to be deciding to keep doing manual mapping using trained mappers. However, even in this case, using the AI Product Matcher can help you achieve your goals faster and cheaper. How?

You can run it in the recall-focused setting, meaning that you want to get as many of the pairs as can be found, even though a significant portion (around half of them in our experiments) of the pairs will be false. Afterwards, your human mappers can look at the results given by the algorithm and check the pre-selected pairs. This will allow your team to work much quicker than they would if they had to manually go through the competitor's website in search of the matching products.

I don’t need a product matching AI solution, but I know somebody who does. Can I refer them?

Yes. Our affiliate program offers up to 50% recurring commission for its participants. You can check out the terms & conditions and sign up for Apify Affiliate here.

Can you build me a custom scraper of a specific website?

Yes. Feel free to contact our sales team through this form to discuss the scope, timing and deliverables of your project.

Can I create my own scraper for the websites I need pairs from?

Yes. If you haven't found scraper or automation tool that suits your needs in our Store, you can build one of your own on the Apify platform. Apify platform was created in mind for an easy hosting, running, scaling, scheduling and monitoring of web scrapers.
Feel free to use any of our scraper templates to get you started in Python, JavaScript or TypeScript. Or our open-source web scraping and browser automation library Crawlee.

Need a custom product mapping solution?

We'll develop tailor-made scrapers for your project and adjust the product matching AI
to perform the best possible way for your use case.