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Cookie Fast Expiration


product_team opened this issue
a month ago

I wanted to ask if you know why this might be happening: I log into my account, export the LinkedIn cookie, and paste it from the client. Whether I test it from the web or from a Node.js app, after about 30 minutes, I get logged out because I start receiving TooManyRedirects errors. When I check, it's because that cookie has been invalidated, and it seems like I have to log in again and replace it with a new one. Do you have any idea how this could be resolved? Thank you.

The only thing that comes to my mind as a possible explanation is that when one logs in from a local computer and extracts the cookie from there, and then attempts to log in later from an actor, which I assume will make requests from Apify, LinkedIn might detect this change in IPs. Subsequently, after a random interval which they might check asynchronously, LinkedIn directly logs you out and invalidates that cookie.

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Yes, when running a script on Apify infra we don't control much anything related to IP

Even when using proxy to select the same country, happens that cookies sessions get reset

Cookies last longer if script is executed in local, but since we visit a lot of people or company pages at some point the same happens. Linkedin is against automation, to keep you on their plateforme and paying for salesnavigator if you want some kind of limited automation.

We also tried viewing people pages by hand on a browser, and at some point we are asked to login again. So i guess it's not really about script ou manual, but more on how much sensitive information you access in a limited amount of time; is that humain behavior.

We see less session cookies being reset when extracting posts informations than extracting people profile (i guess some data are more protected than others, makes sense)

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