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Twitch Recent Video Scraper

Twitch Recent Video Scraper

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This scraper allows for you to input a Twitch username to retrieve details about their most recent videos.

Scrape latest Twitch videos

Input the username of a user to generate a list of their recent videos.

The scraped data in this template are page headings but you can easily edit the code to scrape whatever you want from the page.

Resulting Dataset

  • [Title] - title of video
  • [URL] - url of video
  • [Publish Datetime] - date and time video was published
  • [View Count] - number of views video received
  • [Thumbnail] - thumbnail used for video
  • [Game Name] - streaming category
  • [Length (seconds)] - length of video in seconds
  • [Length (hours, minutes, seconds)] length of video in hours, minutes, and seconds

How to run

  1. Input username input the Twitch username you want to generate videos for
  2. Run fetches most recent videos and saves them to dataset
  3. Save your dataset in format you desire
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