Bing Daily Wallpaper Scraper

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Bing Daily Wallpaper Scraper

Bing Daily Wallpaper Scraper


No credit card required

Get current Bing Daily Wallpaper or previous ones.


Scrapes Bing Daily Wallpapers and its additional information about the wallpaper:

  • title
  • date of the daily wallpaper
  • copyright
  • copyright link
  • quiz Today wallpaper is scraped and older walpapers can be added via input.

Cost of usage

1 CU is consumed with 300 runs. No proxy is needed.


Select days before

Optional - Array.
Array of numbers (from 1 to 7), to determine how many days old Daily wallpaper to scrape. For example, 1 - yesterday Daily Wallpaper, 7 - seven days old Daily Wallpaper. Today walpaper is always being scraped.

Market Code - marketCode

Required - String.
Bing daily wallpaper returns wallpaper for set market.


Actor stores its result in the default dataset associated with the run, which you can export to various formats.

The results can be downloaded from the Get dataset items API endpoint:[DATASET_ID]/items?format=[FORMAT]

where [DATASET_ID] is the ID of the dataset and [FORMAT] can be csv, html, xlsx, xml, rss or json.

For each Bing Daily Wallpaper the dataset will contain a single record, which in JSON format looks as follows:

{ "title": "Winter in Salzburg", "date": "2021-12-05", "url": "", "copyright": "The Salzach River in Salzburg, Austria (漏 MacEaton/Alamy)", "copyrightlink": "", "quiz": "" }
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