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Notion Org Chart Generator

Notion Org Chart Generator

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Generate an image of organization chart from the Employee directory in Notion.

Actor creates an org chart image based on Notion people directory.

Cost of Usage

Actor does not use any proxy. Actor use 1CU per 250 runs.


  1. First of all you need a Notion page with a full page database. For this tutorial, we will use mockup data located in this link:
  1. On this page - - create a new integration and choose correct asscociated workspace, which corresponds to the database.
  2. Go back to the Notion database page and click on Share, then Invite and under Select an integration choose the integration you created in the previous step. Give the integration permission Can view.
  3. Now you are all set up! In create an actor and enter input viz section bellow.
  4. Image of the orgchart is stored in the default key-value storage.


Integration token - integrationToken

Required - String Token of the integration to the Notion database. Token can be found in Token starts with 'secret_'.

Database - database

Required - String Notion URL to the database or Database ID can be found in the url of the Notion page. For example, for, or just '8b374794e9fc490fb0ea98619eb7796a'.

Relation name - relationName

Required - String
Name of the column in the Notion database with which relations in the orgchart will be made. Column can be type of Person or Text.

Person name - personName

Required - String
Name of the column in the Notion database with name of the people.

Person description - personDescription

Optional - Array Name of the columns in the Notion database which will be added to the chart bellow the person name.

Type of chart - typeOfChart

Required - Enum Type of chart in which the data will be rendered.

  • Google Charts uses template made by Google. Big charts can get too wide.
  • Unformatted Nested List - Creates unformatted list.
  • Formatted Two Level List - Uses formatted template with two levels. Big charts can result in big image.


Actor stores its result in the default key-value storage with the name org-chart, where time is the date and time of actor run.

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