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Notion Org Chart Generator

Notion Org Chart Generator

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Generate an image of organization chart from the Employee directory in Notion.

Integration token


Token of the integration to the Notion database. Token can be found in Token starts with 'secret_'



Notion URL to the database or Database ID can be found in the url of the Notion page.

Person name


Name of the column in the Notion database with name of the people.

Relation name


Name of the column in the Notion database with which relations in the orgchart will be made.

Person description


Name of the columns in the Notion database which will be added to the chart bellow the person name

Type of chart


Choose type of charts: Google charts - chart can be too wide for many people, Unformatted Nested List - simple without formatting

Value options:

"googleCharts": string"unformatted": string"twoLevel": string

Default value of this property is "googleCharts"

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