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Cyklobazar ( scraper RSS


Scrapes listings from provided cyklobazar url(s) and saves them in RSS compatible format.

No credit card required

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Cyklobazar ( scraper RSS

Example how it looks in Feedly:


Read more about RSS support on Apify in blog post by our one and only CTO Mara Trunkat

Output example

  • title string e.g. Canyon Strive CF 2018 [3999€]
  • description string e.g. Amazing bike for amazing you! [@Brno #Canyon ~Pablo_Perez]
  • link string e.g.
  • guid string e.g. 123456
  • pubDate string e.g. 2022-06-22T14:36:00


See how Cyklobazar ( scraper RSS is used in industries around the world