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This actor is intended to extract data from

TypeScript Crawlee & CheerioCrawler template

A template example built with Crawlee to scrape data from a website using Cheerio wrapped into CheerioCrawler.

Included features

  • Apify SDK - toolkit for building Actors
  • Crawlee - web scraping and browser automation library
  • Input schema - define and easily validate a schema for your Actor's input
  • Dataset - store structured data where each object stored has the same attributes
  • Cheerio - a fast, flexible & elegant library for parsing and manipulating HTML and XML

How it works

This code is a TypeScript script that uses Crawlee CheerioCralwer framework to crawl a website and extract the data from the crawled URLs with Cheerio. It then stores the website titles in a dataset.

  • The crawler starts with URLs provided from the input startUrls field defined by the input schema. Number of scraped pages is limited by maxPagesPerCrawl field from input schema.
  • The crawler uses requestHandler for each URL to extract the data from the page with the Cheerio library and to save the title and URL of each page to the dataset. It also logs out each result that is being saved.


Getting started

For complete information see this article. To run the actor use the following command:

apify run

Deploy to Apify

Connect Git repository to Apify

If you've created a Git repository for the project, you can easily connect to Apify:

  1. Go to Actor creation page
  2. Click on Link Git Repository button

Push project on your local machine to Apify

You can also deploy the project on your local machine to Apify without the need for the Git repository.

  1. Log in to Apify. You will need to provide your Apify API Token to complete this action.

    apify login
  2. Deploy your Actor. This command will deploy and build the Actor on the Apify Platform. You can find your newly created Actor under Actors -> My Actors.

    apify push

Documentation reference

To learn more about Apify and Actors, take a look at the following resources:

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