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Topic is an AI-powered platform that enables content teams to write better SEO content and drive more organic search traffic by analyzing top-performing content and delivering a content brief that shows how to write your next article, blog post, or guide. The platform analyzes the existing top results in Google to surface valuable insights.


Topic needed a system that could reliably /apify/google-search-scraper for the questions in their free keyword research and content ideation tool, “People Also Ask”, which is one of the most important sources of information for their customers. The questions in the box are a rich source of information on what topics an audience wants to read about. Topic needed to extract this data and also knew that building a system for it in-house would be expensive and time consuming.

Detecio app Topic’s “People Also Ask“ tool


Topic built a /actors on Apify. The actor clicks the questions within the “People Also Ask” box in order to populate all of the available questions, then parses the contents of the box, and returns a neatly formatted tree of questions. Because of the solution from Apify, Topic didn’t need to write their own system to open a browser, manipulate the page, and extract the information.


Apify helped reduce Topic’s time-to-market, and enabled them to rapidly build their product so they could test it with an initial set of pilot customers. It saved them 4 weeks of up-front development time as well as the engineering time that would have been required every month to maintain the system if they had built it themselves.

Topic was able to devote that time where it mattered—building their business, developing exciting new features for their customers, and growing their customer base.

After integrating Apify, we have time back to build our business, develop exciting features for our customers, and grow our customer base. The API has been reliable and the data that Apify is retrieving adds value to our customers with every content brief that is created.

Ryo Chiba

Co-founder at Topic

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