SEO Audit Tool

Case study

Apify partnered with Agency Analytics to develop an /drobnikj/seo-audit-tool to find and resolve on-page SEO issues for over 2,000 agencies and freelancers.

SEO Audit Tool screenshot The SEO Audit Tool

The SEO Audit Tool finds duplicate content, missing meta tags, duplicate titles, broken images, non-standard sitemaps and server errors and automatically ranks these issues by severity. Data is presented via a slick UI that enables the user to keep track of multiple websites at once.

The hidden powerhouse behind the SEO Audit Tool is a single generic /apify/web-scraper that scrapes millions of pages every month and help keep hundreds of websites healthy and SEO friendly.

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Apify has been invaluable in providing all the crawling for our site auditor product. Reliable, fast and accurate! Even better is their user interface, which makes it easy to test and develop our JavaScript parser.

Joe Kindness

Agency Analytics CEO

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