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SEO Audit Tool


Search Engine Optimization checker audits website and analyzes it from the SEO perspective. This tool finds broken links, missing images, and provides information about possible page improvements based on the URL at the input.

SEO audit tool

This SEO audit tool crawls all your site pages and returns audit result for each one.


You can set up Web URL. This is URL, where tools starts crawling.


All results are stored in Apify datasets. Each result has following attributes:

  • url - URL of page
  • title - Title of page
  • isLoaded - true if page was loaded properly
  • isGoogleAnalyticsObject - Check if Google Analytics object is on the page included
  • isGoogleAnalyticsFunc - Check if Google Analytics function is on the page included
  • isCharacterEncode - Check if page has meta tag with charset attribute
  • isMetaDescription - Check if page has meta description
  • metaDescription - Value from meta description
  • isMetaDescriptionEnoughLong - Check if length meta description is long enough
  • isDoctype - Check if element doctype is on the page included
  • isTitle - Check if element title is on the page included
  • isTitleEnoughLong - Check if title is long enough
  • isH1 - Check if element H1 is presented on page
  • h1 - Value from H1 element
  • isH1OnlyOne - Check if there is only one H1 on page
  • isH2 - Check if element H2 is presented on page
  • linksCount - Number of links on page,
  • isTooEnoughLinks - Check if there is not much links on page,
  • internalNoFollowLinks - List of not follow links on page,
  • internalNoFollowLinksCount - Number of not follow links on page,
  • notOptimizedImages - List of not optimized images (Does not include alt tag)
  • notOptimizedImagesCount - Number of not optimized images,
  • wordsCount - Numbers of words on page
  • isContentEnoughLong - Check if content is long enough
  • isViewport - Check if meta tag viewport is set on page
  • isAmp - Check if amp tag is set on page
  • isNotIframe - Check if there is not iframe
  • brokenLinks - List of broken links on page,
  • brokenLinksCount - Number of broken links on page,
  • brokenImages - List of broken images on page,
  • brokenImagesCount - Number of broken links on page
  • jsonLd - Data from jsonLd specifications
  • microdata - Data from microdata specifications

Example Result

  "url": "",
  "title": "Web Scraping, Data Extraction and Automation - Apify",
  "isLoaded": true,
  "isGoogleAnalyticsObject": true,
  "isGoogleAnalyticsFunc": false,
  "isCharacterEncode": true,
  "isMetaDescription": true,
  "metaDescription": "Apify extracts data from websites, crawls lists of URLs and automates workflows on the web. Turn any website into an API in a few minutes!",
  "isMetaDescriptionEnoughLong": true,
  "isDoctype": true,
  "isTitle": true,
  "isTitleEnoughLong": true,
  "isH1": true,
  "h1": "The web scraping聽and automation platform",
  "isH1OnlyOne": true,
  "isH2": true,
  "linksCount": 91,
  "isTooEnoughlinks": true,
  "internalNoFollowLinks": [],
  "internalNoFollowLinksCount": 0,
  "notOptimizedImgs": [],
  "notOptimizedImagesCount": 0,
  "wordsCount": 1373,
  "isContentEnoughLong": false,
  "isViewport": true,
  "isAmp": true,
  "isNotIframe": false,
  "brokenLinks": [],
  "brokenLinksCount": 0,
  "brokenImages": [],
  "brokenImagesCount": 0,
  "jsonLd": {
    "isJsonLd": false,
    "jsonLdData": {}
  "microdata": {
    "isMicrodata": false,
    "microdata": []
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