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Extract SaaS leads from complete with email, names, and roles. Download entire product catalogues with pricing information. Scrape for reviews on with ratings and comments.

AppSumo Leads Extractor

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This scraper was originally built to help discover SaaS leads. Companies posted on AppSumo are mostly software products, so there are tons of high quality business owners in the market for software solutions. Since then this scraper has been adapted to also scrape reviews and SaaS pricing data for research purposes.

Use Cases

  • Extract leads from companies posted on AppSumo
  • Target sales leads through specific criteria (e.g Company has good reviews and is in the email space)
  • Scrape SaaS product data such as: pricing, reviews, category, etc
  • Require API-like access to AppSumo marketplace for any other reason


  • Select a category from dropdown to scrape
    • All categories, Operations, Marketing & sales, Build it yourself, Media tools, Finance, Development & IT, Customer experience
  • Select the upper limit of how many products on AppSumo you'd like to scrape. I'd suggest scraping 1000 at a time and setting a cadence of every week / month or so to get updated product listings


URLProduct URL
WebsiteProduct Website
ProductProduct name
Creator NameFounder name
Creator RoleTypically the role of the founder or who posted on AppSumo
EmailSoftware creator's email
DescriptionProduct description
RatingNumber of stars in rating out of 5
Current PriceThe "sale" price of the software on AppSumo
Original PriceThe original price of software before listing on AppSumo
Review CountHow many reviews there are in total
ReviewsProduct reviews with text


This scraper is fast and low-blocking. You should expect to get 100 leads or so within 10 minutes of running this scraping tool. Keep in mind that to extract emails and contact information for leads deep searching through product sites are required so thats where the bulk of the time is spent.


If you have any feedback or feature requests please fill out this form. We'll be in touch shortly.

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