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Hertz Car Rental

Hertz Car Rental


Hertz simplifies accessing Hertz's rental pricing and offers data, offering features for location searches and vehicle rental details. Export to JSON, CSV, and more

Hertz Scraper Documentation


Hertz Scraper is a sophisticated tool engineered for interfacing with the Hertz API, designed to fetch comprehensive rental location data and detailed rental information effortlessly. This documentation provides a thorough overview of the tool's capabilities, usage instructions, input parameters, and expected outputs to ensure users can effectively leverage its functionality.


Hertz Scraper offers two primary features, enabling users to query specific information from Hertz's extensive database:

  • Locations Query: Aimed at identifying Hertz rental locations, this feature allows users to find locations based on a specified search criterion, providing a detailed overview of each available rental location.
  • Rentals Query: This feature focuses on extracting rental information, including details about available vehicles, their pricing, and rental quotes, to assist users in making informed rental decisions.

Getting Started

Input Parameters

To interact with the Hertz Scraper API Wrapper, users must provide specific input parameters, which vary based on the query type. These parameters include:

  • pickupAge: Age of the renter. (String)
  • pickupDate: Date of vehicle pickup, formatted as DD/MM/YYYY. (String)
  • pickupLocationCode: Code identifying the pickup location. (String)
  • pickupLocationName: Name of the pickup location. (String)
  • pickupTime: Time of vehicle pickup. (String)
  • queryType: Type of query ("locations" or "rentals"). (String)
  • returnDate: Date of vehicle return, formatted as DD/MM/YYYY. (String)
  • returnLocationCode: Code for the return location. (String)
  • returnLocationName: Name of the return location. (String)
  • returnTime: Time of vehicle return. (String)



The output for the "locations" query type is an array of rental locations with the following attributes:

  • locationName: The name of the rental location.
  • latitude: The latitude coordinate of the location.
  • longitude: The longitude coordinate of the location.
  • code: The code associated with the location.
  • streetAddressLine1: The first line of the street address.
  • streetAddressLine2: The second line of the street address.
  • zipCode: The zip code of the location.
  • city: The city where the location is situated.
  • country: The country where the location is situated.


The output for the "rentals" query type is an array of rental information with the following attributes:

  • type: The type or model of the vehicle.
  • group: The group or category of the vehicle.
  • fuelConsumption: The fuel consumption details of the vehicle.
  • passengers: The number of passengers the vehicle can accommodate.
  • luggage: Details about luggage capacity.
  • transmission: The type of transmission of the vehicle.
  • quotes: An array of quotes containing pricing information, each with attributes:
    • currency: The currency in which the price is quoted.
    • price: The rental price.
    • prepaid: Indicates whether the rental is prepaid (1) or not (0).

Example Input (locations)

2  "queryType": "locations",
3  "searchLocation": "Miami"

Example output (locations)

3  {
4    "locationName": "Miami International Airport",
5    "latitude": 25.798598,
6    "longitude": -80.260607,
7    "code": "MIAT15",
8    "streetAddressLine1": "3900 Northwest 25th Street",
9    "streetAddressLine2": ", Suite 410",
10    "zipCode": "33142                         ",
11    "city": "Miami",
12    "country": "United States"
13  }

Example Input (rentals)

2  "pickupAge": "25",
3  "pickupDate": "07/06/2024",
4  "pickupLocationCode": "MIAT15",
5  "pickupLocationName": "Miami International Airport",
6  "pickupTime": "10:00",
7  "queryType": "rentals",
8  "returnDate": "27/06/2024",
9  "returnLocationCode": "MIAT15",
10  "returnLocationName": "Miami International Airport",
11  "returnTime": "10:00"

Example Output (rentals)

3  {
4    "type": "(E7)Tesla Model 3 Standard Range",
5    "group": "E7",
6    "fuelConsumption": "260 Mile Range",
7    "passengers": "5 Passengers",
8    "luggage": "1 Large Suitcase, 2 Small Suitcases",
9    "transmission": "Automatic Transmission",
10    "quotes": [
11      {
12        "currency": "USD",
13        "price": "778.71",
14        "prepaid": 0
15      },
16      {
17        "currency": "USD",
18        "price": "655.37",
19        "prepaid": 1
20      }
21    ]
22  }
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