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Image to Text OCR


Extract machine readable textual data from image documents

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The actor takes an input image in a specified format (base64 or url) and using asked Optic Character Recognition (OCR) model (PaddleOCR or Tesseract) extracts textual data in required language (See OCR model documentations for available languages). The result is saved into Key-Value store as one of output formats (pdf, txt or bbox)


Input of this actor should be JSON file with following fields:

Field Type Description Allowed values
input_type String Input image format base64 or url
input_image String Image Any valid string value
language String Text language See OCR model documentations (e.g en)
ocr String Specific OCR model paddle or tesseract
output_format String Desired output format bbox/pdf for PaddleOCR or txt/pdf for Tesseract

Sample Input

    "input_type": "url",
    "input_image": "",
    "lang": "eng",
    "ocr": "tesseract", 
    "output_format": "txt" 


Once the actor finishes, it will output a textual data in specified format.

  • bbox : list of bounding boxes and text inside
  • pdf : Base64 encoded pdf file
  • txt : String text

Sample Output

    "response": "Sample PDF Document\n\nRobert Maron\nGrzegorz. Grudziriski\n\nFebruary 20, 1999\n\x0c", 
    "error": None


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