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The purpose of this actor is to serve as webhook-powered pipe between 2 actors.


  • Pick an actor you want to trigger after run finishes, put it's id as targetActorId.
  • If you want to use other than default options, use targetActorOptions field to override them.
  • Provide transformFunction which takes payload (standard webhook payload), apifyClient and log, and generates input for the target actor.

The Idea

The idea is to have new type of webhook - "Apify", that would

  • have transformFunction, actorId and options inputs, linked to the platform (so the actor select would be actual select, options proper, transformFunction would be code)

  • it would call this actor to get the webhook payload and url

  • it would construct the webhook from this

  • in the mvp it should also be possible to call some task in the same way


The actor can work in two modes.

Output Payload

In this mode, actor generates webhook payload, that should be used in order to trigger run of an actor with the output of transformFunction as it's input.


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