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Top Universities Scraper

  • vbartonicek/topuniversities-scraper
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Scrapes the QS World University Rankings to get a list of the top universities.


An API to get a list of top universities based on the QS World University Rankings in various formats (HTML table, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML or RSS feed).

Currently, the scraper supports two modes:

  • Basic mode (to get a list of ranked universities with basic data like name, country, and link to its detail)
  • Detailed mode (to get detailed information about the universities by visiting its detail pages)

Future plans

  • To scrape more information in the detailed mode
  • To be able to filter countries for a region (e.g. Europe)

Input parameters

The input of this scraper should be JSON containing the filter of universities that should be scrapped. Required fields are:

modeStringChoose a mode (see the description above)
yearStringSelect a year of the rankings
countryStringSelect specific country or select "All countries" to not filter universities

Input example

{ "mode": "basic", "year": "2020", "country": "Canada" }