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Transcribe Audio

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Effortlessly convert your audio files into accurate text transcriptions.

Free trial for 1 hour

Then $29.90/month

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Transcribe Audio

Free trial for 1 hour

Then $29.90/month

Speech Text Actor

This actor helps you to get transcription for any audio files in seconds.

Use Cases

You need to provide URL of audio file and choose the input format and output format you want to get. The actor will return you the transcription in the output format you choose.


The URL format should be string. You can upload it somewhere temporarily and provide the downlad URL. The downloaded file will be removed after the transcription is done and won't be stored anywhere.

The input format can be one of the following:

flacFLAC audio file
m4aM4A audio file
mp3MP3 audio file
mp4MP4 audio file
mpegMPEG audio file
mpgaMPGA audio file
ogaOGA audio file
oggOGG audio file
wavWAV audio file
webmWEBM audio file


The output format can be one of the following:

jsonJSON format
textPlain text format
srtSRT subtitle format
verbose_jsonVerbose JSON format
vttVTT subtitle format