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Google Reviews Scraper + AI sentiment
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Google Reviews Scraper + AI sentiment

Google Reviews Scraper + AI sentiment

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Pay $15.00 for 1,000 results

Api that scrape any business on google with sentiment ai of the review negative or positive

Google Reviews Scraper API A template for scraping Google reviews using a custom API. The template allows you to retrieve reviews by sending the business name, and then iteratively fetches all available reviews for the business. This template uses Axios to make HTTP requests and Apify SDK to manage and store the data.

Included Features Apify SDK - toolkit for building Actors Input schema - define and easily validate a schema for your Actor's input Dataset - store structured data where each object stored has the same attributes Axios client - promise-based HTTP Client for Node.js and the browser How it Works Get Business Search ID:

Actor.getInput() gets the input where the business name is defined. axios.get(searchApiUrl, { params: { business_name } }) sends a request to the search API to get the search_id for the business. Fetch Reviews:

Using the obtained search_id, the script sends a request to the reviews API. axios.get(reviewsApiUrl, { params: { search_id, sort, next_id } }) fetches 10 reviews per request. If there are more reviews, the response contains a nextpage flag and a next_id. The script iterates, using the next_id to fetch subsequent pages. Store Reviews:

The reviews are stored in an Apify dataset using Actor.pushData(reviews). Repeat:

The process continues until all reviews are fetched.

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