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3 days trial then $50.00/month - No credit card required now

Scraping Doctolib is now super easy! Get phones, names, contact, timings and addresses of medics, doctors, hospitals... Best part : you can even customize what info to extract from Doctolib! Don't drown in a sea of searches ! Watch the scrapper do the magic :)

Doctolib search URLs


Search URLs to start with.

Max Pages


Maximum number of pages that the scraper will load. It will stop when this limit is reached (prevent excess platform usage for misconfigured scrapers).

0 is no limit.

Default value of this property is 4

Hide Search Pages


If set, the actor will not push Search Pages data in the result dataset. Useful if you are only interested by Doctor pages, not in the search URLs

Default value of this property is false



JavaScript function executed on every page (inside the browser). Customise it if necessary.

For details, see See Playwright page, available as ''

URL pattern


Specifies what kind of URLs should be scrapped. A pseudo-URL is a URL with regular expressions enclosed in [] brackets, e.g.[.*].

If Pseudo-URLs are omitted, the actor only crawls the Start-URLs.

For details, see Pseudo-URLs.

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