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🏯 Instagram Scraper (Pay Per Result)
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🏯 Instagram Scraper (Pay Per Result)

🏯 Instagram Scraper (Pay Per Result)

Try for free

Pay $0.50 for 1,000 posts

Famous for its blazing-fast speed and completeness, it offers rapid and efficient scraping of many URLs such as; location, audio, tag, and profile. It's incredibly cost-effective at only $0.50 for every 1000 posts, capable of scraping 100-200 posts each second!

🏯 Instagram Scraper: The Ultimate Swiss-knife you were looking for 🏯

Presenting the Instagram Scraper, the premier tool for extracting data from Instagram.com. Famous for its blazing fast speed and completeness, it offers rapid and efficient scraping of many URLs such as; location, audio, tag, and profile. Perfect for researchers requiring detailed Instagram data or businesses looking to understand customer sentiments and trends, the Instagram Scraper stands as the tool of choice. What's more, it's incredibly cost-effective at only $0.50 for every 1000 posts, capable of scraping 100-200 posts each second!

ℹ️ Disclaimer

We are professionals specializing in data extraction. This actor is exceptionally fine-tuned for scraping Instagram, providing you with a comprehensive suite of tools. Moreover, we provide top-tier maintenance and exceptional support. Pure data - at your fingertips. You name it, we get it.

🐉 Features and Functionality

  • Lightning speed, extreme efficiency, and fits for all types of usage.
  • In-depth user information for thorough data analysis.
  • Very detailed information related with location, audio, video, carousel, image, owner and more.
  • High flexibility, perfectly customized.

👹 Competitors

There are not much Instagram Scraper on the market since it is hard to retrieve the data from and requires high maintenance. Luckily, The Dojo is there for you. Try it, and you will see the difference than the other ones exists on the market. Please be aware that although all the tests used identical inputs and resources, the recorded speeds and costs may differ and might not accurately reflect the real metrics.

Feature🏯 Instagram ScraperApify Instagram ScraperInstagram Scraper - All in one
Authentication Information Required✔️
Pricing Plan$0.50 per 1k resultsMonthly PriceMonthly Price
Price Per 100k Results$50Monthly PriceMonthly Price
Posts Per Second (Location)18311
Posts Per Second (Audio)11523
Posts Per Second (Tags)19941
Posts Per Second (User)14721
Maximum Posts Per Input Limit✔️
Maximum Posts Total Limit✔️✔️✔️
Scrape Specific Profiles✔️✔️✔️
Scrape From Location URLs✔️✔️
Scrape From Tag URLs✔️✔️
Scrape From User URLs✔️✔️✔️
Scrape From Audio URLs✔️
Simple Output✔️✔️
No Proxy Required✔️

🎎 Who needs this?

The Instagram Scraper is engineered to deliver outstanding efficiency, rapid performance, and affordability for a wide variety of users:

  • Lead Generation: By scraping posts related to specific hashtags, locations, or user interests, lead generators can identify and segment potential customers based on their interests, behaviors, and interactions on Instagram.
  • Social Media Marketing Agencies: These agencies can use the Instagram Scraper to gather data on popular trends, hashtags, and content from specific locations or user profiles, helping them develop targeted marketing strategies and content plans for their clients.
  • Market Research Firms: Market researchers can utilize this tool to analyze consumer behavior, preferences, and trends based on the posts from different Instagram tags, locations, or user profiles, providing valuable insights for market analysis and reports.
  • Fashion and Retail: Brands in these sectors can leverage the Instagram Scraper to track popular fashion trends, influencer partnerships, and consumer engagement with different products, aiding in product development and marketing strategies.
  • Event Planners and Promoters: By scraping posts from specific locations or events, planners and promoters can gauge public interest and engagement, helping them design better marketing campaigns and enhance event experiences.

🍜 Output Example

2	"id": "3245142029192513970_62815273217",
3	"code": "C0JD3tntcmy",
4	"url": "https://www.instagram.com/p/C0JD3tntcmy/",
5	"createdAt": "2023-11-27T07:48:34.000Z",
6	"likeCount": 114,
7	"commentCount": 5,
8	"caption": "Na zajęciach z Pomkami nie brakowało buziaków i przytulasów 🥰🤗 \n\n#pomeranian #pomeranianpuppies #szpicminiaturowy #szpic #bydgoszcz #warsztaty #pieski #psieżycie #psieszczęście #psiezabawy #usmiech #szczęście #szczeniaki #pieseły",
9	"owner": {
10		"id": "62815273217",
11		"username": "jogi.lapki.bydgoszcz",
12		"fullName": "Joga z pieskami 📍Bydgoszcz🐾",
13		"profilePicUrl": "https://scontent-fra3-2.cdninstagram.com/v/t51.2885-19/400119638_1273742020004099_7576288759792512400_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-fra3-2.cdninstagram.com&_nc_cat=111&_nc_ohc=6nX5af-qQH8AX9QMRJU&edm=ACaJ6XgBAAAA&ccb=7-5&oh=00_AfBI9GACGoUxAmo-WtdryYfE92tSfSy226uf662nqURTUQ&oe=658BE275&_nc_sid=594fa5",
14		"isPrivate": false,
15		"isVerified": false
16	},
17	"location": {
18		"id": "215927995",
19		"name": "Bydgoszcz, Poland",
20		"slug": "Bydgoszcz",
21		"address": "",
22		"city": "",
23		"lat": 53.1222,
24		"lng": 17.9986
25	},
26	"isCarousel": false,
27	"isVideo": true,
28	"video": {
29		"id": "235268832770811v",
30		"url": "https://scontent-fra5-1.cdninstagram.com/o1/v/t16/f1/m69/GICWmACmUiQOyEkBAIXvggE-hRNYbpR1AAAF.mp4?efg=eyJxZV9ncm91cHMiOiJbXCJpZ193ZWJfZGVsaXZlcnlfdnRzX290ZlwiXSIsInZlbmNvZGVfdGFnIjoidnRzX3ZvZF91cmxnZW4uY2xpcHMuYzIuMTA3OC5oaWdoIn0&_nc_ht=scontent-fra5-1.cdninstagram.com&_nc_cat=108&vs=235268832770811_2877876632&_nc_vs=HBksFQIYOnBhc3N0aHJvdWdoX2V2ZXJzdG9yZS9HSUNXbUFDbVVpUU95RWtCQUlYdmdnRS1oUk5ZYnBSMUFBQUYVAALIAQAVAhg6cGFzc3Rocm91Z2hfZXZlcnN0b3JlL0dFa0R1QUpONU5kS2RiWUFBT0lTa082OXRHSnpicFIxQUFBRhUCAsgBACgAGAAbABUAACb8ytegy8y9PxUCKAJDMywXQDxEGJN0vGoYEmRhc2hfaGlnaF8xMDgwcF92MREAdf4HAA%3D%3D&_nc_rid=b9547d3757&ccb=9-4&oh=00_AfAp3PkOsXvaU2jWx9agAEBfAdluckNUD1xbBJZufq63QA&oe=658A48CD&_nc_sid=594fa5",
31		"width": 1078,
32		"height": 1916,
33		"duration": 28.281,
34		"playCount": 3321
35	},
36	"image": {
37		"url": "https://scontent-fra5-1.cdninstagram.com/v/t51.2885-15/404322568_7096724227032530_1699247048939566807_n.jpg?stp=dst-jpg_e15&efg=eyJ2ZW5jb2RlX3RhZyI6ImltYWdlX3VybGdlbi4xMDgweDE5MjAuc2RyIn0&_nc_ht=scontent-fra5-1.cdninstagram.com&_nc_cat=102&_nc_ohc=orHK3-26z1IAX9Lvg5s&edm=ACaJ6XgBAAAA&ccb=7-5&ig_cache_key=MzI0NTE0MjAyOTE5MjUxMzk3MA%3D%3D.2-ccb7-5&oh=00_AfCaNtH-B79PI2lwiwQ_GrI-0ry120WwgjOCnpxhbU-ZXg&oe=658A3A26&_nc_sid=594fa5",
38		"width": 1080,
39		"height": 1920
40	},
41	"audio": {
42		"id": "119533106806535",
43		"title": "Every Second",
44		"artist": "Mina Okabe",
45		"coverArt": "https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t65.14500-21/183010158_894345518082683_6626882508791428101_n.jpg?stp=dst-jpg_s168x128&_nc_cat=1&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=c499f9&_nc_ohc=a3HPJrMhzgMAX8Ld8jt&_nc_ht=cdn.fbsbx.com&oh=00_AfBICqxTRGFScD05CQwfcytXpfDRLKMaO2jaO9xvcgZucQ&oe=6588A2D4",
46		"duration": 182076,
47		"audioAssetId": "119533106806535",
48		"audioUrl": "https://scontent-fra5-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t39.12897-6/234184827_361617145583684_2654805630970779544_n.m4a?_nc_cat=109&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=c2de2f&_nc_ohc=bWCRFmPwBFQAX8ZpE5k&_nc_ad=z-m&_nc_cid=1365&_nc_ht=scontent-fra5-2.xx&oh=00_AfDAvjQEqY6RwZK6hvRu76ek8u1ctxTvfumUHZPp6OEcmA&oe=658CE682"
49	}

🍚 Input Parameters

FieldTypeDescriptionDefault value
startUrlsarrayInstagram URLs. Paste the URLs and get the results immediately. Profile, Search, Location or Audio URLs are supported.[]
untilstringA special date-string that allows you to retrieve posts newer than this date.null
maxPostsPerQueryNumberMaximum number of posts to return per query.null
maxItemsnumberMaximum number of items that you want to receive as outputInfinity
customMapFunctionStringFunction that takes each of the objects as argument and returns data that will be mapped by the function itself.null

🔧 Troubleshooting

  • Getting Few Results? Check "Maximum number of items on output" (maxItems) field, and "Maximum charged results" fields. These two fields enable you to handle the total number of results. Leaving both empty will result infinite results.
  • Are Some Outputs Missing? Ensure that you review all fields, not just the overview. You can navigate to the "Storage" tab and select either "Download the results" or "Open in a New Tab."
  • Getting No Results? Confirm that your parameters are not overly restrictive.
  • Not Receiving New Items After a Large Batch? Examine the log for messages like "Logging is too fast, some lines were skipped." If you encounter this issue, consider scraping smaller amounts of data to avoid it.

📞 Contact and Feature Requests

If you need any sort of support, please send an email to apidojo10@gmail.com. You name it, we get it.

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