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Crawls websites using raw HTTP requests, parses the HTML with the Cheerio library, and extracts data from the pages using a Node.js code. Supports both recursive crawling and lists of URLs. This actor is a high-performance alternative to apify/web-scraper for websites that do not require JavaScript.

Change Log

3.0.11 (2023-08-22)

  • Updated Crawlee version to v3.5.2.
  • Updated Node.js version to v18.
  • Added new options:
    • Exclude Glob Patterns (excludes): Glob patterns to match links in the page that you want to exclude from being enqueued.

3.0 (version-3)

  • Rewrite from Apify SDK to Crawlee, see the v3 migration guide for more details.
  • Proxy usage is now required.

2.0 (version-2)

Main difference between v1 and v2 of the scrapers is the upgrade of SDK to v2, which requires node v15.10+. SDK v2 uses http2 to do the requests with cheerio-scraper, and the http2 support in older node versions were too buggy, so we decided to drop support for those. If you need to run on older node version, use SDK v1.

Please refer to the SDK 1.0 migration guide for more details about functional changes in the SDK. SDK v2 basically only changes the required node version and has no other breaking changes.

  • deprecated useRequestQueue option has been removed
    • RequestQueue will be always used
  • deprecated context.html getter from the cheerio-scraper has been removed
    • use context.body instead
  • deprecated prepareRequestFunction input option
    • use pre/postNavigationHooks instead
  • removed puppeteerPool/autoscaledPool from the crawlingContext object
    • puppeteerPool was replaced by browserPool
    • autoscaledPool and browserPool and available on the crawler property of crawlingContext object
  • custom "Key-value store name" option in Advanced configuration is now fixed, previously the default store was always used