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Facebook Events Scraper extracts data such as event name, location, description or number of users who are interested. You can use URLs of specific events or come up with search queries and explore pretty much unlimited number of events. Search queries can be combined with various search filters.

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Return url reference in array if provided


Torsteinvg opened this issue
21 days ago

Hello, Right now the api returns a flat array, I was wondering if you could return the input with the returned event. For example: Payload: { startUrls: [link1,link2,link3] }


[ { ...event, urlRef: "link1" }, { ...event, urlRef: "link1" }, { ...event, urlRef: "link1" }, { ...event, urlRef: "link3" }, { ...event, urlRef: "link1" }, { ...event, urlRef: "link2" }, { ...event, urlRef: "link2" }, { ...event, urlRef: "link3" }, ]

I think it should be fairly easy to do and will not introduce a breaking change. Please advise

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Hi! Thanks for suggestion!

As common approach we saving inputUrl from input to dataset items so scraped data can be matched with input, just miss it in current implementation of events actor. Will add to dev plans and keep you informed about the progress.

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8 days ago

Any update on this?

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Hi! Sorry for delay, deployed in latest build, see sample run https://console.apify.com/view/runs/DD2bkwrRQloF1HQPZ

I麓m going to close the issue now, but if there would be anything else we could help with, please let us know.

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