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Facebook page contact info Scraper
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Facebook page contact info Scraper

Facebook page contact info Scraper

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Get Facebook pages addresses, email, likes, website, check-ins, and phone information

Pages URLs or page IDs


Add Facebook pages

Default value of this property is []



Provide the language. Using this setting changes the dataset output.

Value options:

"af-ZA": string"az-AZ": string"bs-BA": string"br-FR": string"ca-ES": string"cx-PH": string"co-FR": string"cs-CZ": string"da-DK": string"en-GB": string"en-US": string"eo-EO": string"et-EE": string"eu-ES": string"tl-PH": string"fo-FO": string"fr-CA": string"fr-FR": string"fy-NL": string"ff-NG": string"gl-ES": string"de-DE": string"gn-PY": string"ha-NG": string"hr-HR": string"id-ID": string"ga-IE": string"is-IS": string"it-IT": string"jv-ID": string"rw-RW": string"ht-HT": string"ku-TR": string"lv-LV": string"lt-LT": string"hu-HU": string"mg-MG": string"ms-MY": string"mt-MT": string"nl-NL": string"nl-BE": string"nb-NO": string"nn-NO": string"pl-PL": string"pt-BR": string"pt-PT": string"ro-RO": string"sc-IT": string"sn-ZW": string"sq-AL": string"sz-PL": string"sk-SK": string"sl-SI": string"so-SO": string"es-LA": string"es-ES": string"fi-FI": string"sw-KE": string"sv-SE": string"tr-TR": string"uz-UZ": string"vi-VN": string"cy-GB": string"zz-TR": string"el-GR": string"be-BY": string"bg-BG": string"ky-KG": string"kk-KZ": string"mk-MK": string"mn-MN": string"ru-RU": string"sr-RS": string"tt-RU": string"tg-TJ": string"uk-UA": string"ka-GE": string"hy-AM": string"he-IL": string"ur-PK": string"ar-AR": string"ps-AF": string"fa-IR": string"cb-IQ": string"sy-SY": string"tz-MA": string"am-ET": string"ne-NP": string"mr-IN": string"hi-IN": string"as-IN": string"bn-IN": string"pa-IN": string"gu-IN": string"or-IN": string"ta-IN": string"te-IN": string"kn-IN": string"ml-IN": string"si-LK": string"th-TH": string"lo-LA": string"my-MM": string"km-KH": string"ko-KR": string"zh-TW": string"zh-CN": string"zh-HK": string"ja-JP": string"ja-KS": string

Default value of this property is "en-US"

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