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Google Search Results Scraper

Google Search Results Scraper

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Pay $3.50 for 1,000 results

Scrape Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Select the country or language and extract organic and paid results, ads, queries, People Also Ask, prices, reviews, like a Google SERP API. Export scraped data, run the scraper via API, schedule and monitor runs, or integrate with other tools.

Search term(s)


Use regular search words or enter Google Search URLs. You can also apply advanced Google search techniques, such as AI or javascript OR python.

Results per page


Max pages per search




Specifies the country used for the search and the Google Search domain (e.g. for Spain). By default, the actor uses United States (

Value options:

"af": string"al": string"dz": string"as": string"ad": string"ao": string"ai": string"aq": string"ag": string"ar": string"am": string"aw": string"au": string"at": string"az": string"bs": string"bh": string"bd": string"bb": string"by": string"be": string"bz": string"bj": string"bm": string"bt": string"bo": string"ba": string"bw": string"bv": string"br": string"io": string"bn": string"bg": string"bf": string"bi": string"kh": string"cm": string"ca": string"cv": string"ky": string"cf": string"td": string"cl": string"cn": string"cx": string"cc": string"co": string"km": string"cg": string"cd": string"ck": string"cr": string"ci": string"hr": string"cu": string"cy": string"cz": string"dk": string"dj": string"dm": string"do": string"ec": string"eg": string"sv": string"gq": string"er": string"ee": string"et": string"fk": string"fo": string"fj": string"fi": string"fr": string"gf": string"pf": string"tf": string"ga": string"gm": string"ge": string"de": string"gh": string"gi": string"gr": string"gl": string"gd": string"gp": string"gu": string"gt": string"gn": string"gw": string"gy": string"ht": string"hm": string"va": string"hn": string"hk": string"hu": string"is": string"in": string"id": string"ir": string"iq": string"ie": string"il": string"it": string"jm": string"jp": string"jo": string"kz": string"ke": string"ki": string"kp": string"kr": string"kw": string"kg": string"la": string"lv": string"lb": string"ls": string"lr": string"ly": string"li": string"lt": string"lu": string"mo": string"mk": string"mg": string"mw": string"my": string"mv": string"ml": string"mt": string"mh": string"mq": string"mr": string"mu": string"yt": string"mx": string"fm": string"md": string"mc": string"mn": string"ms": string"ma": string"mz": string"mm": string"na": string"nr": string"np": string"nl": string"an": string"nc": string"nz": string"ni": string"ne": string"ng": string"nu": string"nf": string"mp": string"no": string"om": string"pk": string"pw": string"ps": string"pa": string"pg": string"py": string"pe": string"ph": string"pn": string"pl": string"pt": string"pr": string"qa": string"re": string"ro": string"ru": string"rw": string"sh": string"kn": string"lc": string"pm": string"vc": string"ws": string"sm": string"st": string"sa": string"sn": string"cs": string"sc": string"sl": string"sg": string"sk": string"si": string"sb": string"so": string"za": string"gs": string"es": string"lk": string"sd": string"sr": string"sj": string"sz": string"se": string"ch": string"sy": string"tw": string"tj": string"tz": string"th": string"tl": string"tg": string"tk": string"to": string"tt": string"tn": string"tr": string"tm": string"tc": string"tv": string"ug": string"ua": string"ae": string"gb": string"us": string"um": string"uy": string"uz": string"vu": string"ve": string"vn": string"vg": string"vi": string"wf": string"eh": string"ye": string"zm": string"zw": string



Language for the search results, which is passed to Google Search as the hl URL query parameter. Only set this if you want to use a non-default language for the selected country.

Value options:

"af": string"sq": string"sm": string"ar": string"az": string"eu": string"be": string"bn": string"bh": string"bs": string"bg": string"ca": string"zh-CN": string"zh-TW": string"hr": string"cs": string"da": string"nl": string"en": string"eo": string"et": string"fo": string"fi": string"fr": string"fy": string"gl": string"ka": string"de": string"el": string"gu": string"iw": string"hi": string"hu": string"is": string"id": string"ia": string"ga": string"it": string"ja": string"jw": string"kn": string"ko": string"la": string"lv": string"lt": string"mk": string"ms": string"ml": string"mt": string"mr": string"ne": string"no": string"nn": string"oc": string"fa": string"pl": string"pt-BR": string"pt-PT": string"pa": string"ro": string"ru": string"gd": string"sr": string"si": string"sk": string"sl": string"es": string"su": string"sw": string"sv": string"tl": string"ta": string"te": string"th": string"ti": string"tr": string"uk": string"ur": string"uz": string"vi": string"cy": string"xh": string"zu": string

Default value of this property is ""

Exact location (Google UULE parameter)


The code for the exact location for the Google search. It's passed to Google Search as the uule URL query parameter. You can use the UULE code generator. Learn more about emulating local search.

Mobile results


If checked the scraper will return results for mobile version of Google search. Otherwise desktop results are returned.

Default value of this property is false

Unfiltered results


If checked the lower quality results that Google normally filters out will be included.

Default value of this property is false

Save HTML to dataset


If checked the HTML of the Google Search results pages will be stored to the default dataset, under the html property. This is useful if you need to process the HTML, but it makes the dataset large.

Default value of this property is false

Save HTML to key-value store


If checked the HTML of the Google Search results pages will be stored to the default key-value store and links to the files stored to the dataset under the htmlSnapshotUrl property. This is useful for debugging since you can easily view the pages in the browser. However, the use of this feature may slow down the Actor.

Default value of this property is false

Include icon image data (base64)


If checked all of the results (organicResults, paidResults, suggestedResults) will contain Base64-encoded icon image data if found.

Default value of this property is false

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