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Timeframe options for scraping hashtags don't work


marc_jonss opened this issue
a year ago

Overall, I like the reliability of this scraper. Scaping Instagram can be really tricky.

However, I experience the following problem: The timeframe options for scraping hastags (such as don't work.

No matter the timeframe option, I encountered the following 3 issues:

  • The recent posts are returned even if I am only interested in posts for the last year.
  • The scraping does not stop at the timepoint specfied.
  • Also the limit of posts to scrape beetween those time points is not working.

I am happy to share a link to a run for this API where I experienced these 3 issues.

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Hey Marc, thanks for letting us know about the issues you ran into! Our dev team is going to look into it and hopefully resolve the issues as soon as possible. If you have any other info or run links that could help us out, we'd be super grateful. Thanks again for helping us make our service better!

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Hi! Timeframe support will not be continued, please kindly consider to use as alternative with filtering out dataset by time range with external software (i.e. Google Sheets).

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