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Instagram API Scraper

Instagram API Scraper

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30 days trial then $39.00/month - No credit card required now

Scrape and download Instagram posts, profiles, places, hashtags, photos without login. Supports search keywords and URL lists. Download your data as HTML table, JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, and RSS feed.

Instagram URLs you want to scrape


Add one or more Instagram URLs to scrape. The field is optional, but you need to either use this field or search query below.

What do you want to scrape from each page?


You can choose to get posts, comments or details from Instagram URLs. Comments can only be scraped from post URLs.

Value options:

"posts": string"comments": string"details": string

Default value of this property is "posts"

Max items


How many posts or comments (max 50 comments per post) you want to scrape from each Instagram URL. If you set this to 1, you will get a single post from each page.

Newer than


Limit how far back to the history the scraper should go.


Provide a search query which will be used to search Instagram for profiles, hashtags or places.

Search type


What type of pages to search for (you can look for hashtags, profiles or places).

Value options:

"user": string"hashtag": string"place": string

Default value of this property is "hashtag"

Search results limit


How many search results (hashtags, users or places) should be returned.

Enhance user search (top 10) with Facebook page & email if available (higher credit usage)


For each user from the top 10, the scraper extracts their Facebook page that sometimes contains their business email. Please keep in mind that you are forbidden to collect personal data in certain jurisdictions. Please see this article for more details.

Add metadata


Only for feed items - add data source to results, i.e. for profile posts metadata is profile, for tag posts metadata is hashtag

Default value of this property is false

Tagged posts


Get the tagged posts for each profile

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