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Crawls websites with the headless Chrome and Puppeteer library using a provided server-side Node.js code. This crawler is an alternative to apify/web-scraper that gives you finer control over the process. Supports both recursive crawling and list of URLs. Supports login to website.

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always fail to get the content since last month


agent_ta opened this issue
7 months ago

I'm using this for getting Shopee similar product and it works just before last month. But it keep getting fail since then.

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There are 2 separate issues:

  1. The wait until "networkidle2" now doesn't finish. Shopee probably added some tracking network. You just need to change it to "load"
  2. Seems you have scrolling for 5000 pixels. That can take time. You might wanna increase the page load and page function timeouts.

See here successful run https://console.apify.com/view/runs/zU8kNmCXDG34a3u87

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6 months ago

Just have the same issue as you can see here: https://console.apify.com/actors/runs/TERTZmUNH13saHyCg#log

It keep trying until $2 for nothing. The json are not loaded.

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