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Crawls websites with the headless Chrome and Puppeteer library using a provided server-side Node.js code. This crawler is an alternative to apify/web-scraper that gives you finer control over the process. Supports both recursive crawling and list of URLs. Supports login to website.

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Shopee scraper error


lojahub opened this issue
4 months ago

I'm trying to use the scraper to extract information about searching for items in the store, but without success. After some research, I noticed that the information on the page only loads after a few seconds. Any tips on how to resolve this?

URL example: https://shopee.com.br/search?keyword=chinelo

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Hello and thank you for your interest in this Actor.

I see you have also opened this same issue in Web Scraper - let's continue the conversation there. Both of these Actors are very similar, so (almost) any problem that shows up here will also be there. The main difference is that the Web Scraper is much more popular (54k users vs 2.8k users here :)), so we'd rather have this conversation there.

Thanks (and see you at the Web scraper)!

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